Student Representatives (MBChB Programme)

Course Representatives are nominated students who regularly meet with School staff to represent student views and feedback.

Course Reps are the link between students across the University and the Guild Officers working with staff and fellow students to improve learning experience – identifying and discussing issues which affect their course and helping to come up with solutions.

Elections are organised through the Guild of Students and take place following the submission of a short manifesto from each candidate. Peer voting takes place via e-mail usually around October each year. Two student representatives will be elected from each academic year. 

Find out more about being a Course Rep on the Guild website

Course Representatives 2019/20

Year 1 Eric Dos Santos De Andrade
  Hope Pugh
Year 2 Antony Lavercombe
  Jaqueline Howard
Year 3 Hassan Abbas Iqbal 
  Hinesh Gulab
Year 4 Dominique Redding
  Olivia Webster 
Year 5 Gaurav Vashisht
  Priyanga Biju 

Your course representatives will regularly reach out for your feedback throughout the year.

If you have any questions about how your feedback is used, or about the opportunity to become a Course Representative, please contact Robyn McKeown:


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