How to volunteer with ULMS

From meeting prospective students or mentoring current students to returning to the school as a guest speaker, you can make real difference to today’s students whilst developing your skills and network. We are very happy to work with you to find a way to get involved which suits your skills, interests and circumstances. All of these opportunities are available to international alumni using Zoom/Skype. Here are just some of the ways you can get involved with the Management School and its community:


Mentoring programmes (MBA/MSc)

Our mentoring schemes aim to further enhance students’ employability skills, through a partnership with a member of the University’s alumni. Just a few hours of your time over the course of an academic year would make a real difference to a student. Mentoring enables students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice, gain experience in networking and expand their professional contacts whilst boosting their self-esteem and confidence when dealing with senior-level colleagues. 

Guest speakers

The Management School always welcomes alumni to campus to talk to undergraduate, MSc, or MBA students. We welcome alumni at all stages of their careers to talk about a breadth of subjects. It doesn’t matter what stage in your career you’re at, be it at a junior level to talk to undergraduates about how you made the jump from university to the world of business, or managing director/chief executive level. These sessions give you the opportunity to meet excellent potential employees and raise the profile of your own organisation.  We are happy to try new formats, from presentations, and student roundtables to Q&A sessions. We recently held our first guest speaker session over Skype, so do get in touch, wherever you are!

Host a webinar

Could you, with the help of the Management School, host a webinar, offering your insights/new way of thinking about a business issue? 

Alumni Representation at International Recruitment Events

The University of Liverpool attends numerous international recruitment events and potential students really value the chance to talk to alumni. It does not matter at what stage in your career you are or how many events you can attend. You can volunteer your time by assisting staff on recruitment stands and holding discussions with prospective students about how you have used your university experience to progress in your career. 

Organise a reunion or drinks meetup to engage with fellow members of the alumni community

With over 20,000 graduates spread across the world, we have a vast alumni network. Get in touch if you are interested in holding an informal alumni gathering. You could meet over a coffee, at an exhibition, in a bar or even over dinner and could involve two of you or 20, it really doesn’t matter!

MBA Placements

Could your company benefit from a fresh pair of eyes? Do you have an area of interest that you’d like to explore further but simply don’t have the resource?

Our high-performing MBA students are available to help with no charge to your business; they can answer a straightforward query or provide a basic diagnostic service like the market analysis. We draw from our top MBA students, with their diverse skills, utilising their previous work experience and current studies. The student will work on an agreed project, which can vary in nature depending on your needs. The output will form part of the student’s final mark.

Graduate Vacancies 

You can recruit students to your organisation through the Careers and Employability Service. There is a range of different ways to be involved, from advertising your graduate job vacancies online to participating in Career Fairs on campus. 

Micro Virtual Internships (MVI)

Want to tap into the latest thinking, new ideas and fresh perspectives? The University of Liverpool Management School is offering access to our talented post-graduate business students through our Micro Virtual Internships.

An MVI can last between 3-5 days (21-35 hours) and take place virtually. Our students can engage on any project related to your business at a senior level in areas such as:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Supply Chain
  • Business Analytics and Big Data
  • Management

Internships can involve work shadowing, or our students can work on a specific, short-term project.

Virtual Employer Visits

Our Virtual Employer Visits programme is designed to give you access to our diverse talent pools via virtual interaction enabling you to promote your recruitment opportunities as well as showcasing your company culture and industry achievements.

Virtual Visits consist of a 60-90 minute ‘visit’ to your workplace via Zoom where you or your company representative will give a virtual tour of your place of work.

Career Stories

Feature in one of our fortnightly student e-newsletters by sharing your career story. Our students love to hear from alumni and what they have gone on to achieve post graduating from ULMS. If you are interested in writing a short piece about you and your career along with any words of wisdom for our students please get in touch.

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