Mission and vision statement

Learning to make a difference from an enterprising and vibrant world city of culture.

Our mission

We share in the University’s civic purpose engraved on the founding stone of the original University of Liverpool redbrick building which was raised by the people of Liverpool in 1892, “for the advancement of learning and ennoblement of life”.

We advance this through our vision: a globally connected Management School advancing influential knowledge leadership through our transformative research and teaching to better business and society.

Through our transformative research and teaching: We work together with our students to provide an outstanding, inclusive educational experience which raises aspiration, enhances employability and inspires them to think and act responsibly to better business and society.

Delivered from the heart of the Liverpool campus, our programmes are underpinned by the School’s transformative research and teaching and informed by the skills requirements of employers. Through our culturally diverse student body we are able to offer a truly international learning experience which helps our students to become global citizens, and future leaders ambitious to make a difference to the lives of individuals, the businesses, organisations and societies to which they belong, and the environment.

We enable faculty to develop knowledge leadership which achieves global impact both academically and in business and society, and enriches our programmes and student experience.

Our community of scholars work collaboratively in disciplinary based subject groups, also undertaking research in interdisciplinary research centres and clusters which span the School, the University and our external partners, to address real-world problems and the global challenges facing business, society and the environment. Our world-leading research achieves international distinction for its originality and significance. Published in top-ranked, peer reviewed journals, it delivers global impact; not just through its reach globally in the academic community, but by informing management practice and policy and the student learning experience.

We collaborate with organisations, institutions and policy makers using our cutting-edge research and expertise in management practice and policy to make a difference to business and society.

Located in a city famous for its global outlook and international trade, we collaborate regionally, nationally and internationally in partnership with organisations, institutions and policy makers to develop and share our research and knowledge.  Our work empowers our students and those we engage with in our wider community to make a difference to the lives of individuals, business,  society and the environment. The impact of our knowledge exchange is visible around the world as well as in our city region.

Our values

In pursuing our mission and vision, with a commitment to learning to make a difference through transformative research and teaching, we are:

  • A community: we work, research and learn together to cultivate a collegiate, supportive, friendly and caring environment
  • Ambitious: we take pride in and strive to enhance the quality and impact of our scholarship, celebrating success for our School, our students and each other
  • Enabling: Through our "can do" attitude we are resourceful in responding to our changing context
  • Socially and environmentally responsible: we are outward looking and connect locally, regionally and globally, seeking to do what is right for individuals, business, society and the environment
  • Inclusive: we respect the rights, differences and dignity of every member of our diverse community, providing opportunities for all to contribute to its development.

Consistent with the principles of the University of Liverpool, we place ethics and integrity at the heart of our scholarship and decision-making.

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