Clinical Skills Technical Team shines at University Showcase

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people interact with a mannequin at technical showcase

The School’s Clinical Skills Technical Team took part in the University of Liverpool’s Technical Showcase Event on 30th March representing the varied technical work in play across the University.

The team jumped at the chance to showcase their work to the University community and UK Technical Managers attending the National Technical Managers in Universities (TMU) conference.

attendees at a technical showcase

We caught up with Senior Clinical Skills Technician Julie Williams to learn more about the team’s work behind the scenes in support of Clinical Skills teaching and assessments at Liverpool School of Medicine.

the team demonstrates a high fidelity mannequin

What does the Clinical Skills Technical team do in a nutshell?

The team are integral to the delivery of teaching, simulation and clinical assessment across the entire five years of the MBChB programme.

The role is part of the School’s 30-strong Student Experience Team, with specific responsibility for supporting the delivery of teaching and assessment within the Clinical Skills Teaching and Learning Centre (CSTLC).

attendees interact with equipment at technical showcase

It principally involves supporting the organisation, maintenance and preparation of teaching/simulation and assessment spaces and the routine care and maintenance of the department, anatomical and medical models and equipment for both assessment and teaching, including face-to-face, hybrid and online delivery).

We also take care of the Learning Zone, a student-led learning environment that allows students the opportunity to practice all skills and examinations taught across the five-year programme whenever they wish.

As a Senior Clinical Skills Technician, what is your role in the team?

I oversee the team’s day-to-day activity within Clinical Skills including supervising and supporting junior staff. I am responsible for quality assurance of teaching and simulation set-up and run the high fidelity mannequins during simulations.

Every day is different, it’s a great place to work and very rewarding!

What piece of technology do you find the most exciting in your teaching?

The innovation in the mannequin world which has vastly improved over the past 10 years.

high fidelity mannequin at technical showcase

What is the most interesting part of your job?

Seeing all of the organisation that goes into maintaining and preparing the teaching, simulation and assessment spaces and equipment being used to teach our student doctors.

attendees at a technical showcase

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