BME Medics celebrate Culture Ball 2024

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International students sit around table to enjoy multicultural buffet

February marked a vibrant celebration of cultural diversity with the annual BME Medics Culture Ball. The event showcased the rich tapestry of cultures within our student doctor community. From meticulous planning to joyful festivities, the Culture Ball brought students together for an evening of multicultural celebration.  

Rhema Otache, Year 5 Student Doctor and President of BME Medics, shared insights into the extensive preparation involved in bringing the Culture Ball to life.  

Three students smile for a photo at the Culture Ball

We started organising the Culture Ball in August last year. Preparations for the Ball always begin with a discussion about the cultures we want to feature, the colour scheme for our decor and possible entertainment options.” 

Every year we try to feature a new cuisine, entertainment and colour scheme. No two Culture Balls are the same! 

For Rhema, the Culture Ball holds great significance and explains: 

Culture Ball is a celebration at its core! It's about taking time to celebrate all the amazing cultures we have at the University of Liverpool as well as sharing a bit of those cultures with the people around us. 

The event’s highlights were as diverse as the cultures it celebrated. Attendees were treated to a fantastic dance performance by YinYangTwinz and a Culture Walk – an enriched display of music, outfits and dances from different cultures. Everyone had so much fun taking part that it was repeated twice! Throughout the evening, there was also a multicultural buffet to savour featuring South Asian and African cuisines catered for by SK India and desserts by Puff Puff Ministry.  

YinYangTwinz dancing at BME Culture Ball

Overall, it was a wonderful opportunity to embrace, celebrate and learn about other cultures. Reflecting on the significance of the event, attendees shared their sentiments: 

I never had a chance to stand up proud and represent my country where I grew up, so this really meant a lot to me.  

Students enjoying dancing to celebrate the Culture Ball

Amidst the festivities, fourth-year Student Doctor and Charity Rep Tharenya highlighted the role of societies like BME Medics enhancing the student experience: 

Being involved in a society such as the BME Medics has helped me meet like-minded individuals and expand my network. Through the scheduled activities, I have had so much fun and opportunity to grow as a person and as a student!  

“I also find societies help you find your tribe - it could be in sports, hobbies, academia - and I have such a good time at every meet, plus it utilises my free time in a better way.” 

Tharenya also offers some top tips on balancing studies with extra-curricular hobbies as a medical student.  

“I always try balancing studying and my own interests by prioritising work on the weekdays during office-like hours (the regular 9 to 5) and then spending the bulk of the weekends with friends and family. Basically, it all comes down to how you manage your time - as cliche as it sounds, our time is finite, and you have to persevere through the focussed work times and then relax and recharge yourself at the end of every day.” 

Looking ahead, Tharenya shared her academic aspirations for the academic year ahead: 

I am looking forward to powering through the rest of the academic year with excellence. I am gearing up to study as exam season rolls around. As the weather gets brighter, the days get longer, I want to spend more time attending teachings and study group sessions. I look forward to summer break where I can relax fully and recharge for the next academic year!” 

As the academic year progresses, BME Medics are excited for their future events, including ‘Fit for Finals’ teaching sessions and some upcoming social events over the next few months – keep your eyes peeled on their Instagram page (link) for details!