Student Doctor helps deliver baby on his birthday

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Third year Student Doctor Flynn Walsh spent his birthday in an unforgettable way – helping to deliver a baby for the first time during his maternity ward placement at a local hospital.  

As Flynn prepared for the day ahead, little did he know he was about to have the opportunity to put his clinical skills to the test during his first experience of an elective caesarean.  

As the mother arrived in the operating theatre, the medical team offered Flynn the chance to assist in the procedure.  

Flynn’s focus and calm demeanour helped him to prepare and draw up injectable medications, scrub-up and assist during the operation and perform his first urinary catheter on a real patient. 

As the procedure came to an end, the cries of a newborn filled the room, signalling the arrival of a beautiful baby girl, Harper.  

Flynn was able to witness a birth for the first time – and on his birthday no less! The mother, who practises as a nurse, was overjoyed to learn that the student doctor helping her through the delivery also shares a birthday with her newborn daughter and made sure a photo was taken of this joyful event.  

Flynn reflected on an unforgettable birthday: 

“It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to practise both my procedural skills of catheterisation and drawing up medications and to have the chance to scrub in and assist in my first caesarean section. Speaking to the patient before, during and after the operation, it was a privilege to be a part of and share in that moment with the family." 

Whilst out on placement in a medical setting, it is the ideal opportunity to practise the theoretical skills taught within lectures, textbooks and journals. From a clinical skills point of view, hands-on experience provides fantastic learning opportunities, develops confidence in assessing patients, and increases exposure to a variety of procedures.  

Indeed, for Student Doctor Flynn, delivering a baby on his birthday is a moment he’ll remember fondly. Well done, Flynn and welcome to the world, Harper!