Student Spotlight: Anxhela Syziu

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Student Spotlights pass the mic to our student doctors, to hear their take on their School experience and shine the light on a particular role, team or pathway through the School of Medicine.

Anxhela Syziu is a Year Five Student Doctor. Fresh from presenting her research at the EFORT International conference in Vienna, she reflects on her time at the School before heading off to begin life as an FY1 Doctor at Aintree University Hospital this summer.

“I am originally from Albania, a small country in Europe. My love for anatomy, a caring and compassionate character from a young age, as well as my desire for lifelong learning inspired me to pursue a career in Medicine.

The cultural heritage and the well-known hospitality of the people helped me to decide that Liverpool School of Medicine was the right choice for me.

This year I have enjoyed the acute blocks the most, which have boosted my confidence and experience to present differential diagnosis and management plans to doctors of various grades and receive constructive feedback. I was able to apply all of my medical school experience in consultation and clinical skills to aid diagnoses.

I was fully involved with the patient care and journey and really felt part of the team.

Recently I had the opportunity to present at the EFORT International conference in Austria, Vienna. My research was a systematic review of the tibialis tendon entrapment on posterior malleolar ankle fractures associated with Pilon and Tri-malleolar fractures.

student doctor presents research at international conferenceAnxhela presents at EFORT 2023

I was involved with this project during my Elective at Aintree University Hospital in August 2022. The excellent support and trust from my Elective Supervisor and Academic Advisor, Professor Lyndon Mason and his team at Aintree has been the main motivation behind this achievement.

The conference has massively helped me to consolidate my skills in research, public speaking and presentation skills.

It has opened new horizons for my future career by enabling me to share my research interest with doctors and student doctors from different countries, and represent the University of Liverpool.

During my time at Liverpool, I have mostly enjoyed the Human Anatomy Resource Centre (HARC) sessions with Paul Rothwell and the team, who have been very supportive in my learning and tirelessly answering my countless questions. The HARC team inspired me to take up an intercalated degree in Human Anatomy and Biology at University of Liverpool which I completed in 20-21.

I have loved studying in Liverpool for the past 6 years, where I have not only enjoyed my time at the School, but also made friends for life and set up the foundation blocks for my future here in Liverpool.

The end of university marks the beginning of my foundation training at Aintree University Hospital, which I am looking forward to starting in August 2023.

My advice for my first-year self would be to take on every learning opportunity and be enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is contagious, and it motivates not only yourself, but also your colleagues and peers.”

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