Leadership programme boosts student’s Med Tech business

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attendees at mountain summit

Final Year Student Doctor Glen Cordha is gearing up for his foundation training in Redditch this summer, getting stuck into respiratory medicine while continuing to grow his health tech business on the side, something he has been able to develop thanks to a Future Leaders Scholarship programme.

Glen first got involved in the programme by Mountain Summit (link) after learning about it online. Mount Summit offers an annual two-day event in Snowdonia for business leaders to develop their skills and network and grow their business.

Glen says, “The biggest reason for me doing medicine is the skills and growth mindset you can have in most areas of life. Equally, it’s important to do things outside of medicine, to both apply and build up skills and transfer them into your field of choice.

Through clinical assessments, for example, you realise how to compose yourself with patients or when performing a procedure. This is very valuable when pitching to 100 people like I did for funding.

It’s the skills you learn along the journey that are the most valuable.

The scholarship programme has opened up so many opportunities for me. The charity I run helps disadvantaged students enter a healthcare field and has really opened my eyes to the world out there. It’s something I would encourage all of us to do, sooner rather than later.

For some of you medicine may be your pure passion, and all power to you, but give your creative business side a thought - who knows where it might lead.

The Mountain Summit event helps businesses unleash their full potential. The event in Snowdonia was a great networking opportunity for med tech enthusiasts like myself. A CEO of a billion-dollar company even came along in his Lamborghini for a few hours to meet and chat with us! I am very grateful to have met such inspiring people.

We did so many different things - from yoga in the mountains to swimming in the lakes, and enjoyed vegan foods, fresh juices and mocktails to cleanse the body and mind. If you want a re-set, this is the perfect place to take a break and meet new people.

group of attendees at mountain summit

As Glen completes his final weeks on the course, he looks back with fondness on this time at the School.

“As with most memories, you remember the people, places and emotions. I remember from Day 1 being in a lecture hall with a Year 5 student talking about his journey. Never did I think it would fly by this fast!

One of the memories I distinctly remember is speaking to a fifth year about hyperkalemia and its management and thinking how clever he was. Now that I am in Year 5, this would barely get me a pass mark on the end-of-year exam.

When things get stressful, just look back in time and ask yourself would the 18-year-old you be proud of where you are now, whether that be physically, mentally or spiritually. If not, dedicate six months to yourself, you will be surprised how quickly things can compound.

Medicine truly is one of the few courses to have such a variety of people and interests and there’s so much to get involved in, from hosting charity events to playing sports national - so make the most of it.

Being in HARC and Clinical Skills with all your friends is the best part of the curriculum. My favourite placement oddly was in Year 3 during the pandemic. Everyone was so keen to interact with others, and we were in a position to do so. Never did I do so much work before and since then!”

Glen’s software company True Global Connect (link) works with businesses and charitable organisations, enabling them to scale their processes using AI technology and has led him to work with more software in the health tech space and expand from there.

“At times, it has been challenging to manage alongside studies, but rewarding, nonetheless. My advice to students interested in doing something similar but be to beware towards exam time and make sure not to over stretch yourself. You can always work on a business in the future, but your university time and memories are limited.”

attendees at mountain summit

Liverpool will always hold a special place in Glen’s heart. “One of the best things about Liverpool is the logistics of everything as a student. Half the cost when it comes to rent and nights out, and half the time spent commuting compared to somewhere like London.

Of course, I have to mention the football here in Liverpool and the crazy love for it. I do have to admit that I am a bit of a glory hunter for football, so when Liverpool was doing amazing, I joined in with the Reds but now I must admit I have gravitated more towards Manchester City!

Looking back at my university time, there’s plenty of advice I would give myself. Every year comes with different challenges. Look back at the stress you had this time last year, for some it would have been Year 1 exams, or a clinical assessment sequence 2. It’s really important to try and control your emotions and look after yourself as you enter the exam period. Make time to meet up with friends and relax and, before I forget, don’t stress too much over foundation blood in Year 1!”