LivResCon 2020

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The Liverpool Research Society proudly hosted their 5th annual conference at the end of February.

LivResCon5 was themed 'Medicine: Bench to Bedside' and welcomed key researchers, speakers and practising clinicians from around the country.

At the time, we didn't know that COVID-19 was about to change the way all of us worked together for the foreseeable. In hindsight, this student organised and student-led event was a fantastic demonstration of all that our student doctors are capable of, and their plans for the changing face of medicine, and medicine research.

Key Speakers on the day included

  • Mr Gavin Pettigrew, Transplant Surgeon, University of Cambridge
    Discussing the complexities, nuances and challenges of finding enough high-quality donor organs to help alleviate the chronically long organ recipient waiting lists.
  • Dr Charlotte Dean, Imperial College London
    A non-clinical researcher, much of Dr Dean's work has been focused on genomic studies and possible mechanisms of lung tissue regeneration which she hopes will be used one day to treat chronic lung diseases affected by scarring.
  • Prof John Aplin, University of Manchester
    Prof. Aplin focused on one of the most poorly understood organs of the human body - the placenta.  Also a non-clinician, Prof Aplin detailed the very latest findings which may have implications in pre-eclampsia management as well as the mitigation of complications of pre-maturity using an artificial womb.
  • Mr Domenico Bruno, Specialist Cardiothoracic Surgeon, University of Bristol
    Mr Bruno gave an insight into the state of the art of cardiothoracic interventions for the management of cardiac ischaemia using pig models.


Student Doctors presented their own work to the presenters-turned-judges, who were very impressed by the quality of the projects, and the students’ ability to stand up to tough questioning. 

LivResSoc hosted a well received workshop on the day, by AFP F2, Dr Rob Downey, describing what it takes to be accepted onto the Academic Foundation Programme (AFP) and the opportunities the programme can bring.  

Matthew Woodhouse, a Year 3 Student Doctor, also led a very engaging workshop on pharmaceutical development.  

Clinical cases selection, led by Histopathologist Dr Matthew Clarke, also proved to be a popular addition to the day.

Thank you

The conference couldn’t have happened without the hard work and dedication of the committee who planned tirelessly for this day to run smoothly. 

Further information

All slides and presentations from the day are now available to all Liverpool Research Society members. Request via e-mail.  

If you want to be involved with next year’s LivResCon, the Liverpool Research Society will be opening elections for next year’s committee in the upcoming weeks. Keep an eye on their Facebook page!

Events during COVID-19

The University of Liverpool is closely monitoring national and international developments in relation to COVID-19 and taking actions as appropriate. As a result, we have taken the decision to cancel or postpone all University led public events until the end of April 2020. Thereafter, events will remain under review.

While we realise that the cancellation of events will cause some inconvenience and disappointment, the health and wellbeing of our students, staff and visitors is our highest priority. For the latest University updates during COV-19, please visit the dedicated webpage.