Student Commendations | October 2019

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We want to recognise and celebrate our student doctors, on clinical placements and within the School of Medicine. We often hear about excellence, and commendation forms are the formal system to record these instances, and just as importantly, to provide positive feedback to hard working individuals and organisations.

Celebrating this month

Glen Munday, nominated by Dr Helen West for excellent contribution to Year 1 Education as demonstrated by the delivery of an element of Year 1 PSM.

Molly Bowman, nominated by My Ayman Abdelraya for excellence on Surgical Placement in assisting  in a difficult operation.

Congratulations Glen and Molly! Thanks you for all your hard work.

Commendations at the Liverpool School of Medicine

Everyone associated with the medical programme has the opportunity to celebrate instances where they feel that a person, team or organisation has been outstanding, gone beyond expectations or made a difference. Let the School know by submitting a commendation form!

Forms are available on VITAL, and all completed forms should be sent to:

The commendation form can be used in any setting including clinical skills, research, helping others, dealing with unexpected events, leadership, or teaching. You can nominate your peers on the MBChB programme, or a team, a teacher – this list is not exhaustive!

View your course handbook (also available on VITAL) for full details on how to nominate.