My Study Experience at the University of Liverpool

Though I've been living in Liverpool for several months now, been able to get around town with ease and no more getting lost at random streets while frantically calling for an uber to fetch me before I wandered even further, having explored several historical landmarks around town with friends and family too, about to complete my very first semester here as a student, it genuinely still feels incredibly surreal to be waking up in the heart of the city that I've always dreamt about as a little child.

Studying in Liverpool will forever be one of the best decisions I've ever made in my entire lifetime, although I'm quite prone to not follow through my plans and constantly switching between my choices spontaneously and randomly too for whatever reason it may be, however, if there was one thing I was positively sure of was sure of while I was growing up, it was pursuing my education in Liverpool and here we are, keeping that promise to little me and studying at my dream university.

It has most certainly has been a rollercoaster of emotions these past couple of years with the global pandemic, balancing law school, trying to make the best out of my university life, making time for family & loved ones, and most importantly, looking after my own state of mind. I'm forever thankful for having experienced both on campus learning and virtual learning in my previous university at my home country, and after taking a semester off to unwind and fully prepare myself before I continued this next chapter of my life being ten thousand miles away from home, I’m once again, back on campus right here in Liverpool. The learning experience here have honestly been tremendously well, seminar tutors and module coordinators are incredibly helpful, and they do everything they can to accommodate to every student’s educational need, and for that I'm very thankful for. Along with the peer mentor guidance to provide reassurance about staying in Liverpool and studying tips from the Liverpool App, and the academic advisor checking in from time-to-time and giving solid advice and making sure we are getting along with our classes and seminar topics. The gesture itself has been very heart-warming and it truly made this entire experience very memorable. Another thank you for the Mental Health and Wellbeing Department for being such incredible listeners and accommodating while helping me adjust and find my way around Liverpool while providing extensive amount of reassurance. 

As always, I will always save the best for last, who always had an incredible amount of patience and always taking her time to walk me through the ins and outs with regards to my application to the university and explaining the options for my modules in such detail too. She has always been so quick to reply and provide me with all of the details she has, it honestly gave me a wonderful expression of what is it like to study in Liverpool. She is truly a phenomenal human being and a heart of gold; I will forever cherish her guidance for everything and easing my transfer to Liverpool, offering so much help with the most random things and always being just a text away for me and an email away from providing my parents with the reassurance that I’m in good hands here.

All in all, I'm very thankful to be here in Liverpool, and as an international student, this entire experience can be a little daunting at first, however, in time and with the right people, everything will fall into place eventually. I’m honestly looking forward to completing my degree and experiencing new cultures, meeting new people and I would not have it any other way either, so much love for having me here!

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