Ammar Zafar PGR profile picture

Postgraduate Research Student 

Liverpool Law School 


Ammar specialises as a Lawyer (Solicitor) and Economist. He has obtained dual Bachelors degree in Business Economics and Law. He further pursued a Masters in Financial and Commercial Law from the University of Bristol, and later a legal practice course (LPC) and a second Masters degree in Legal Practice (Solicitor) with a dissertation on Blockchain technology and Artificial intelligence from BPP Law School, London. He holds a certification in Computer Science for lawyers from Harvard University, and a postgraduate certificate in Corporate Law from the University of Bristol.

He became a PhD candidate at the School of Law and Social Justice in January 2022. 


Ammar's research interests lie predominantly in Financial regulation & Economic Law, Investment Law, Competition law, Banking law, International law, Intellectual property, Globalisation, World trade, Technology Law (Blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, data privacy) and foreign policy.

Working thesis title

'Blockchain and central bank digital currency: its legal and macroeconomic implications, with further reference to environment and society'.

Dates of study

PhD Start Date - January 2022
PhD End Date - January 2026


Professor Rob Stokes
Dr Firat Cengiz

Research Summary

The research will focus on analysis regarding the use of central bank digital currency as a new model of centralised currency in competition with decentralised private currency, and what it will lay for future sustainability.

What will be the impact on legal regulation related to money laundering, KYC, terrorism funding, and macroeconomic implications on the central bank and its Monetary policy? It will also emphasise the use of Blockchain technology and its complicated relation with data privacy, and how will have an impact on society and the environment at large.