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Committed to driving forward a critical understanding of the European Union, EU Law @ Liverpool offers a broad range of expertise across diverse areas of EU law and policy. Collectively and individually, EU Law @ Liverpool members deliver high-quality academic research, alongside significant impact, knowledge exchange and public engagement activity as regards EU constitutional and institutional law, as well as in substantive law and policy areas.

Research areas include: the EU’s democratic legitimacy, with particular focus on deliberative and participatory democracy; configurations of institutional power, with emphasis on the Court of Justice and the EU Ombudsman; hierarchies of norms; the Single Market; EU citizenship; fundamental rights; children’s rights, especially in the area of unaccompanied minors; EU competition law, particularly in public services; EU public health; EU criminal law; the Common European Asylum System; EU trade; and animal welfare (see publications). 

UK Internal Market briefing paper featuring an image of the Scottish Parliament

Read Prof Michael Dougan's Briefing Paper on the United Kingdom Internal Market Bill: Implications for Devolution - 15 September 2020

EU Law @ Liverpool has established a particularly strong profile in the area of UK/EU relations both before and after the Brexit vote. The unit was a leading contributor of both oral and written evidence to the UK’s pre-referendum Balance of Competences review on the relationship between the UK and the EU. Post-referendum, its members continue to provide oral and written evidence to Parliamentary select committees and to publish in leading academic journals and internationally-collaborative edited collections on questions such as EU citizens’ rights in the UK post-Brexit; UK trade policy after EU withdrawal; the constitutional implications of exit for both the EU and the UK; the institutional impacts of Brexit, for instance, on Parliament and the judiciary, and the consequences of UK departure for children’s rights (see publications).

EU Law @ Liverpool also provides vital information and analysis on Brexit developments to the public and the media, through a dedicated website, Twitter accountYouTube channel (which gained millions of views before and after the referendum), media appearances and online and in-person public Q&As (see Brexit Activities).

Contact Andrew Woodhouse, Director of EU Law @ Liverpool (email: For media enquiries, please contact the University Press Office.

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For up-to-date information on our activities visit our dedicated website: The UK and Europe: Living Togther Apart.


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