Students working in the Liverpool Law Clinic are shortlisted for two national awards for their work

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Liverpool Law Clinic

A team of students working on case papers related to events at the Orgreave Coking Plant during the miners’ strike in 1984 have been shortlisted for an award for best contribution by a team of students.  Sarah Woodhouse, Director of the Clinic, was full of praise for their work, “We are very proud of their achievements; they have worked so hard to analyse and catalogue a huge body of evidence, including accounts from many police officers which are said to be fabricated.  We were delighted to receive a letter from Henrietta Hill QC supporting their nomination which confirmed that they have “performed a vital function” for the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign. They have demonstrated once again the capacity of our students to produce work to a professional standard and to make an invaluable contribution to access to justice.  Their serious and committed approach has been impressive.”

Naomi Fathers, third year law student, was nominated for an award for the best contribution by an individual student.  Suzanne Gower, Solicitor at Broudie Jackson and Canter, supported her nomination, commenting, “I have no hesitation is saying that Naomi Fathers represents everything that a lawyer should be and that she will go far in her career.  We have benefited from significant pro bono assistance from a variety of people during the course of the Hillsborough Inquests but the quality of her work and her unrelenting dedication to the case have made Naomi Fathers stand out from the rest.  I can think of no one who would be more worthy of recognition by way of an individual award.”

The award ceremony will take place on the 28th April 2016 in the House of Commons.