Dr Nuno Ferreira presents at a conference in the Netherlands

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On Thursday 18 September and Friday 19 September, the 6th Annual Conference of the Netherlands Institute for Law and Governance on  “Comparative Law and Governance” took place in Het Kasteel in  Groningen.

Parallel session `Comparative Liability law and Societal Governance´

Dr. Nuno Ferreira (University of Liverpool) argued that applying  general tort law to children’s cases can result in damages being imposed  upon children who become overindebted before they have even built a life. After having compared the solutions  of different European countries, he proposed a framework in which  liability is differentiated according to the children´s age and  gradually allowed as children mature. Dr. Ferreira further argued that  fundamental rights discourse should impact the shaping of tort law,  which generally has proven flexible and able to adapt to society’s and  economy’s demands, with more attention for tortfeasors’ rights.

Dr. Ferreira