Funding Success: £23.2k secured from Kings College London to enhance stakeholder understanding of the UK Internal Market Act 2020

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The United Kingdom Internal Market Act 2020 (UKIMA) guarantees the free movement of in-scope goods and services throughout the UK post-Brexit. It functions largely in place of the principles and structures of the EU internal market, which previously governed the exercise of competences by the UK and devolved legislatures, including in relation to intra-UK trade.

Dr Thomas Horsley, Reader in Constitutional Law at the Liverpool Law School, has secured £23.2k funding for a £29k project, from Kings College London as part of the UK in a Changing Europe Small Grant Fund. This research will assess the impact of the UK Internal Market Act 2020 on devolved competences in Wales at a time when the Act is entering an important new, operational phase.

The project, entitled ‘Enhancing Stakeholder Understanding of the United Kingdom Internal Market Act 2020 and its Impact on Welsh Law’, will run from September 2023 – February 2024.

Partnering with Senedd - a research and information service based in the Welsh Parliament - the project aims to generate and disseminate new knowledge and understanding regarding the UKIMA and its effects on devolved competences in Wales, including in relation to specific policy developments. The research will also explore the impact of the UKIMA’s operation on existing intra- and inter-parliamentary procedures governing legislative scrutiny and executive accountability.

Professor Helen Stalford, Head of the Liverpool Law School, said:
“Through this latest funding achievement, Dr Horsley will provide unique insights into the impact of the UK Internal Market Act 2020 following Brexit. Very well done, Thomas, an amazing achievement and one that continues a rich stream of funding success across the School of Law and Social Justice”.


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