Iftar Under the Stars: Liverpool Community comes together in the month of Ramadan

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A collective of chairs on Abercromby Square reading for the event.

As part of UNICEF’s Child-Friendly Cities initiativeLiverpool City Council and the University of Liverpool hosted the annual event ‘Iftar Under the Stars’ on Abercromby Square.

Members of Liverpool’s Young Persons Advisory Group, together with UK Muslim Scouts, and Merseyside Scouts, organised the event. The Iftar Under the Stars event brought families and friends together to Abercromby Square on 15th April 2023 to celebrate Iftar in the month of Ramadan.

A group of Muslim people praying as part of Ramadan.

Photo credit: @SabaLiverpool on Twitter

During Ramadan, which lasts for around 30 days, as one of the pillars of Islam, Sawm, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. The nightly meal that breaks the fast after sunset is called Iftar.

To celebrate Iftar, free games and activities were available on Abercromby Square for children. Families and friends were also able to experience Muslim Scouting whilst breaking the fast, with many people bringing food to share with the community.

A group of people celebrating Iftar in the night time.

Photo credit: @SabaLiverpool on Twitter

Saba Ahmed, who was involved in the organisation of the event, shared:

“Thank you University of Liverpool! A great example of institutions and grass roots community groups working together! Our Iftar Under the Stars event was a huge success, with lots of happy Scouts and families.”

Mark Collins, who attended the event, shared:
“Amazing to see the community of Liverpool coming together during the month of Ramadan”.


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