Liverpool Bar Society hold final of annual Internal Mooting Competition

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3rd Year Winners
Third-year winners Christine Upton and Isobel Cattrall, alongside guest judges.

The Liverpool Bar Society held the final of its Internal Mooting Competition on Thursday 30 March, at Liverpool Crown Court.

The Liverpool Bar Society’s mooting committee, who have judged the competitors up until the final, ran and organised the event, with help from the court staff. The guest judges for the final comprised of barristers from 7 Harrington Street (Jamie Baxter, Peter Causton, Andrew Cousins, Alex Cracknell, Peter Harthan, Jacqueline Whelan), Exchange Chambers (Robert Povall), Atlantic Chambers (Matthew Parkinson) and 15 Winckley Square (Louise Harvey), alongside HHJ Swinnerton and HHJ Brandon from Liverpool Crown Court.


Guest Judges

Guest judges, from left: Jamie Baxter, Louise Harvey, HHJ Brandon, HHJ Swinnerton, Peter Causton, Alexandra Cracknell, Andrew Cousins, Robert Povall, Jacqueline Whelan and Matthew Parkinson.


The competition, which runs from October to March, sees students from across all years at the Liverpool Law School come together to argue their cases in the role of appellant and respondent. The competition is an excellent way for students to gain the advocacy skills that legal providers and chambers look for in their recruitment.

All winners were prized with mini pupillages at either Chavasse Chambers (1st year winners), Charter house chambers (2nd year winners) or 7 Harrington Street (3rd year/BPC winners).

Amelia Smith, Mistress of Moots, said: "All of our competitors had a great time and we’re looking forward to seeing where the future takes them - last night was like peering through a looking glass into their future! We are unbelievably proud of how far all our competitors throughout the competition have come and thank all those that came to watch and support our finalists."



  • Oliver Heppenstall-Batty and Aimee-Leah Sladen
  • Hana Ghaffoor and Orla Karibwami 


  • Caitlin Lewing and Keira Pearson
  • Matthew Teow King Fung and Wan En Ng


  • Christine Upton and Isobal Cattrall
  • Abigail Holmes and Isabella Treston


  • Oliver Heppenstall-Batty and Aimee-Leah Sladen (First-year)
  • Caitlin Lewing and Keira Pearson (Second-year)
  • Christine Upton and Isobel Cattrall (Third-year/BPC)

1st year finalists

1st year finalists, Hana Ghaffoor, Orla Karibwami, Aimee-Leah Sladen (winner) and Oliver Heppenstall-Batty (winner), with guest judges. 


2nd Year Finalists Caitlin Lewing and Keira Pearson

2nd year winners, Keira Pearson and Caitlin Lewing.


2nd Year Finalists Matthew Teow King Fung and Wan En Ng

2nd year finalists, Matthew Teow King Fung and Wan En Ng.


3rd Year Finalists

3rd year finalists, Abigail Holmes and Isabella Treston.  


Mooting Committee 2022-23

Mooting committee members, from left: Florence Gibbs (Junior Mistress of Moots), Amelia Smith (Mistress of Moots), Adam Moore (External Master of Moots) and Andreea Ion (Mistress of Moots).

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