Successful promotions for eleven School academics

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Academic Promotions 2022 (featuring 11 staff profiles)
Eleven School of Law and Social Justice academics

The Academic Review process for 2020-21 has been concluded, and we are delighted to share that all eleven School of Law and Social Justice cases that went forward with School support have been successful. Our new, senior appointments are as follows:

Senior Lecturers

Academic Promotions 2022 (featuring 5 staff profiles)


“I'm delighted my research and teaching has been recognised with this promotion, and am looking forward to pushing on with critical research and teaching that is relevant to our departmental mission in focusing on social justice and highlighting structural inequalities.” – Dr David Baker 


“I am glad that annual review has resumed after the pandemic and pleased that my work on competition law in Asia as been recognised with my promotion to Senior Lecturer. I am grateful to all the colleagues who have provided advice and feedback along the way.” – Dr Andrea Gideon 

“I’m really pleased to have this recognition of my research and teaching, and of the impact it has had, particularly because of the direct connection with social justice. I couldn’t have done it without all the great people I have worked with along the way in SLSJ and beyond.” – Dr James Organ 





Academic Promotions 2022 (featuring 3 staff profiles)


 “After a decade in the Department digging into the dominant discourses of cultural policy and practice, it is a real pleasure to reach the role of Reader and to share in the success across the School.” – Dr Peter Campbell

  • Dr Samantha Currie (Law)



Personal Chairs

Academic Promotions 2022 (featuring 3 staff profiles)

 “I am very pleased to have been promoted to Professor of Law. Since joining the University in 2019, I have had the honour of working with amazing and inspirational colleagues, who have supported me along this journey, and for which I am very grateful. I look forward to continuing to work within such a supportive and collegial school which is committed to social justice.”  – Prof Anna Carline


“I am delighted to have been made Professor of International Law at the University of Liverpool. I have had much support along the way from colleagues and friends around the world over the years. I am looking forward to paying forward their generosity. I was also proud to be one of three females promoted to Professor in Law this year.” – Prof Michelle Farrell