Professional Societies

The Royal Institute of British Architects has several regions, with Liverpool forming part of RIBA North West. The School of Architecture works with RIBA North West on all kinds of events and initiatives, for example the RIBA student mentoring programme, where students (usually BA2) and are given a mentor to support and guide them. Mentors give particular focus to introducing students to the realities of practice, so they are well-prepared for their year out well as helping students to think about their future career direction. The RIBA has lots of resources which you can access as a student member.

Join as a RIBA Student Member online – it’s free. You can also use the discount code RIBAFA20 for £4 off purchases at RIBA Books.

As a branch of RIBA North West, Merseyside is represented by the Liverpool Architectural Society (LAS). Every year the Liverpool Architectural Society invites students of architecture in Liverpool to submit proposals for a study-based trip. A scholarship is presented to the student or students whose proposal demonstrates the most appropriate and worthwhile use in the opinion of the LAS Council. Each year the LAS invites students to sit on their council, where both Liverpool University and Liverpool John Moores University have representation.

Key external networks for students and young/emerging architects

Liverpool Young Architects (LYA) also operate in the city and encourage engagement with the architectural community in Liverpool with opportunities to meet, socialise and make connections. The LYA aim to nurture architecture students and be active in improving Liverpool’s architectural landscape. LYA welcomes new and proactive members.
Follow them on Facebook ‘Liverpool Young Architects’ or Instagram @lya_society

‘Connecting, Celebrating Challenging. Operated and founded by many previous and current students of the Liverpool School of Architecture in conjunction with many other professionals and students in Liverpool, the LYA has an ambition to nurture students and support our architectural colleagues within the city; recognising, welcoming and celebrating the big achievements and the small victories alike. The LYA intends to be a catalyst for the improvement of Liverpool’s architectural landscape; to provoke discussion, to make space for the exchange of ideas and to challenge architects, clients and the city to raise aspirations and expectations around our built environment.’’ LYA in the LSA 2020 year book p538

RIBA Future Architects is a national network with lots of energy and useful opportunities. It is the arm of RIBA that focusses on students and emerging architects. You can engage with this network as part of your RIBA student membership. It is accessible as a non-member, however hearing about events and access to resources is more limited.

"RIBA Future Architects is our network and community for future and emerging architects, designed to support, inspire and provide a voice as you transition from study to practice.

From advice and information about studying architecture and our student mentoring scheme, through to exclusive events and opportunities, our network is designed to help you reach your full potential and prepare you for working life. Your go to place for inspiring and creative content, industry knowledge and skills support, RIBA Future Architects will support you all the way through your educational journey.

RIBA Future Architects is also a space for you to lead the debate, start dialogues and provoke new discourse about architecture and the built environment. The future of architecture is in your hands."

RIBA North West, the LAS, and LYA all hold regular events which we share via email announcements and social media posts. As a School we collaborate with these groups and societies, as well as LJMU, to present joint events.