The Liverpool School of Architecture offers several prizes to students as part of the end of year show. You can read more about the origins of these generous donations below.

Click here to see the prize winners for 2021/22 academic year.

Alexander Anderson Medal and Prize White LSA Logo 22 on blue background

Alexander Anderson Medal and Prize

Highest academic achievements in the BA or MArch

School of the Arts Awards Front view of Georgian terrace, home of the School of the Arts

School of the Arts Awards

Highest academic achievements in the BA

Elmes Testimonial Fund St Georges Hall Liverpool

Elmes Testimonial Fund

To encourage students from schools in the city of Liverpool to study at Liverpool School of Architecture

Jonathan Falkingham Man in a suit jacket and T-shirt with rib motif

Jonathan Falkingham Book Prizes

Best rendering, CGI, landscaping and model in BA3

Emma Holt Portrait of Emma Holt in period dress

Emma Holt Travelling Scholarship

Review of student work in BA3

Frank Horton White LSA Logo 22 on blue background

Frank Horton Prize

Best MArch design project incorporating 'intriguing connections'

David Inman Fund White LSA Logo 22 on blue background

David Inman Fund

Best performance in Environmental Science in BA3

Liverpool Architectural Society LAS Logo on yellow background

Liverpool Architectural Society

Student prize for BA3 and MArch5

Charles Anthony Minoprio Anthony Minoprio

Anthony Minoprio Prize

Best set of rendered drawings in the BA

Norwest Holst Racing horse Red Rum meeting people, one of whom is stroking his nose

Norwest Holst Prize

Best MArch performance in Practice Management and Law Best

John Rankin John Rankin

John Rankin Prize

Best sketch designs in BA2 and BA3

Charles Reilly Sepia toned photograph of Charles Reilly sitting at a desk

Charles Reilly Medal

Review of thesis designs in MArch5 BA3

RIBA North West Prize Logo of the Royal Institute of British Architects

RIBA North West Prize

Project Management poster

Ian Ritchie Middle aged man with white hair wearing a blue suit and white shirt standing in front foliage

Ian Ritchie Book Prize

Best background research in BA3

Graham Saunders Man standing in front of front of building with Red Cross and Red Crescent symbols on wall

Graham Saunders Memorial Prize

Recognition of contribution to the life of the school

Sikorski Commander-in-Chief General Wladyslaw Sikorski

Sikorski Memorial Prize

Review of interior design in BA3 and MArch5

Swedish Wood Prize Swedish Wood Logo

Swedish Wood Prize

Best use of timber in BA3 and MArch

John Tarn Elderly man with white hair and glasses wearing a pink and blue checked shirt, standing in front of a hedge

John Tarn Prize

Outstanding dissertation in the MArch

David Thistlewood Middle aged man with grey hair and beard sitting in front of a ceramic fresco

David Thistlewood Prize

Best history essay in BA3

P S Tyson Prize Stylised text Tyson, with building contractors below in san serif font

P S Tyson Prize