Bandyopadhyay, Prof Soumyen Head of Department & Stirling Chair  0151 794 9548 

Professorial staff

Jackson, Prof Iain Transnational Research; Year 1 co-director  0151 795 9235 
Hopkins, Prof Carl Professor of Acoustics, Head of Acoustics Research Unit, Departmental Director of Postgraduate Research (DDPR), Departmental REF Coordinator  0151 794 4938 
Jackson, Prof Neil Charles Reilly Professor of Architecture 
Koeck, Prof Richard Chair in Architecture and the Visual Arts, Director of CAVA  0151 794 2629 
Kronenburg, Prof Robert Roscoe Professor of Architecture  0151 794 2639 
Sharples, Prof Steve Professor of Sustainable Environmental Design  0151 794 2607 

Emeritus Professors

Brown, Prof Andre 
Gibbs, Prof Barry Emeritus Professor 
Oldham, Prof David Emeritus Professor  0151 794 2631 
Pepper, Prof Simon Emeritus Professor 
Swenarton, Prof Mark Emeritus Professor 
Tarn, Prof John Emeritus Professor   

Honorary Visiting Professors

Dunlop, Prof Alan Honorary Chair in Contemporary Architectural Practice. 
Eyre, Prof Jim Honorary Visiting Professor, Honorary Doctorate, OBE   
Ray, Prof. Nicholas      
Ritchie, Prof. Ian Honorary Visiting Professor, CBE. RA   


Crompton, Dr Andrew Reader  0151 794 2643 

Senior Lecturers

Britton, Ms Sandy International Exchange. 3rd Year Exchange. 3rd Year Design  0151 795 8359 
Calder, Dr Barnabas History of Architecture  0151 795 0641 
Chen, Dr Fei Lecturer - Urban Morphology, Urban Design & Public Space  0151 794 2620 
Chow, Dr David Snr Lecturer - Environmental Design  0151 794 2593 
Du, Dr Jiangtao Senior Lecturer in Architecture  0151 795 1155 
Iuliano, Dr Marco BA3 History & Theory Co-Ordinator, BA3 Studio Leader, CAVA Research Director  0151 794 2602 
Rammou, Ms Virginia Senior Lecturer  0207 682 4632 
Schmiedeknecht, Dr Torsten Deputy Head of School, Design Studio, History and Theory  0151 794 2595 
Stravoravdis, Dr Spyridon Senior Lecturer 
Urbano Gutierrez, Dr Rosa MArch Architectural Design Studio, Director of ECAlab  0151 794 2623 


Agkathidis, Mr Asterios MA Programme Director and PGT Lead  0151 794 3336 
Alsalloum, Dr Ataa Lecturer  0151 794 9596 
Antonopoulou, Dr Aikaterini Lecturer in Architectural Design 
Curtin, Ms Emma   0151 795 9238 
Devereau, Mr David   0151 795 9238 
Dod, Mr Richard Lecturer in Architecture 
Dunne, Mr Jack MArch Director of Studies, Practice & Management, Practice Liaison Co-ordinator  0151 794 2627 
Dusterloh, Mr Alexander Director of Studies BA: Admissions Team; Year 1 Construction  0151 795 9232 
Farrall, Mr Peter   0151 794 2887 
Finnegan, Dr Stephen Lecturer in Sustainable Architecture  0151 794 9565 
Ford, Mr Ronny 
Gidman, Ms Anna Lecturer in Architecture  0151 795 7819 
Haidar, Mr Adonis Lecturer Architectural Technology 
Lee, Dr Pyoung-Jik Lecturer  0151 794 4944 
Malathouni, Dr Christina   0151 795 0639 
Mohammadpourkarbasi, Dr Haniyeh   0151 795 7432 
Muszbek, Ms Johanna Lecturer in Architecture 
Piazzoni, Dr Maria Francesca Lecturer in Landscape & Urban Design 
Quattrone, Dr Giamila 
Ray, Mrs Lucretia Lecturer in Architecture 
Webb, Dr Nick Lecturer in Architecture, Design Tutor  0151 794 2483 
Xi, Dr Junjie Lecturer in Architectural Design and Humanities 
Zamarian, Dr Patrick   0151 795 7546 

Research Fellow

Shasore, Dr Neal Leverhulme Early Career Fellow 

Honorary Senior Fellow

Kiviniemi, Prof Arto Honorary Reseach Senior Fellow 
Knight, Mr Michael Honorary Research Senior Fellow 

Honorary Research Fellow

Carter, Dr David Honorary Research Fellow 
Richmond, Dr Peter Honorary Research Fellow 

Honorary Research Associate

Al-Marwaee, Mr M Honorary Research Associate   
Sertyesilisik, Dr Begum Honorary Research Associate   
Tarizzo, Mr P Honorary Research Assistant   

Academic Support

Briguglio, Miss Claudia 
Seiffert, Dr Gary Acoustic Research Unit, Senior Research Fellow  0151 794 4939 
Winchester, Mr Martin Experimental Officer in Design Computing  0151 794 3254 

Part Time Tutors

Barakat, Mrs Hanan 
Bower, Mr Paul 
Crawford, Mr James 
Dias Chambel Capelo De Sousa, Mr Valentino 
Gee, Mr Stuart   0151 794 2610 
Jones, Mr James 
Kilic Engasa, Mrs Urun 
Koeck, Mrs Monika 
Koerner, Dr Stephanie 
Male, Mr Jonathan 
Moscardini, Mrs Jane   0151 794 2641 
Moss, Mr Nicholas    
Murphy, Mr William    
O'Hare, Dr Niall 
Prince, Mr Ben 
Ruffell, Mr Ted 
Shutt, Mr Martin 
Wilde, Mr Nick 

Technical Staff

Dineen, Mr Fintan Technical Team Leader  0151 794 9228 
Bretland, Mr Stephen Technical Coordinator - Workshops  0151 794 1154 
Erkens, Mr Kevin Workshop Technician  07717 888688 
Gerrard, Miss Lara Workshop Technician 
Howarth, Mr Matthew Workshop Technician  0151 794 2596 
Liu, Mr Adam 
Mcverry, Mr Christopher Workshop Technician  0151 794 2586 
Myles, Mr James Workshop Technician  0771 769 5372 
1st and 2nd Workshop    0151 795 3638  
Carroll, Mr Stuart Technical Coordinator Infrastructure and PMDS  0151 794 2586 
Lymer-Dennis, Mr Robert PMDS and workshop Technician   07717 517319 
Yenson, Mr Adam Studio and IT/AV Technician  07909 905528 

Professional Services

Building Manager - Architecture     
Duvall, Mr Benjamin Receptionist  0151 795 0642 
Student Experience Team    0151 795 0500  
School Operations Support Team      
Finance Support Team