The Liverpool School of Architecture features several rooms that are named after our former staff and students. Find out more about these people by following the links below.

Gerald Beech Retired man standing in front of a door wearing a blue jacket with medals

Beech Gallery

Gerald Rushworth Beech (1921-2013)

Eric Bell Colourised photograph of Victoria Cross recipient Eric Norman Frankland Bell for Gallaher Cigarette Cards. Migrated from the Victoria Cross Reference site. CC BY-SA 3.0

Eric Bell Studio

Capt. Eric Norman Frankland Bell VC (1895-1916)

Budden Lecture Theatre Older man wearing a tweed suit, waistcoat and tie, sitting beside a candlestick in © University of Liverpool Special Collections and Archives.

Budden Lecture Theatre

Prof. Lionel Bailey Budden (1887-1956)

David Dunster Older man with white hair and stern look

David Dunster Studio

Prof. David Dunster (1945-2019)

Maxwell Fry head and shoulder of Maxwell Fry holding his head in his hands

Fry Suite

Edwin Maxwell Fry (1899–1987)

Holford Suite Sepia toned photograph of a middle aged man

Holford Suite

Lord William Graham Holford (1907–1975)

Building Name Leverhulme Building

Leverhulme Building

William Hesketh Lever (1851 – 1925)

Charles Reilly Sepia toned photograph of Charles Reilly sitting at a desk

Reilly Room

Prof. Sir Charles Herbert Reilly (1874–1948)

Colin Rowe Copyright Cornell University Library

Colin Rowe Studio

Prof. Colin Frederick Rowe (1920–1999)

James Stirling Photograph of Architect James Stirling wearing a blue shirt and red and black spotted tie

Stirling Gallery

Sir James Frazer Stirling (1924–1992)

David Thistlewood Middle aged man with grey hair and beard sitting in front of a ceramic fresco

Thistlewood Suite

Prof. David John Thistlewood (1944-1998)