Student-led groups

The School has established student-led groups providing collective voices to encourage activism, influence and change, as well as supporting a culture of empowerment. The groups provide a network to voice out and act on issues and identities you care about. It is an opportunity to get to know people from other years who share similar interests. Activities groups can introduce include guest lectures, film screenings, reading list suggestions, guest critic suggestions, social-media take-overs as well as socialising more generally. The following groups are currently active:

Black Led Architecture Collective (BLAC)

Our group aims to create a safe space for black students to be supported and heard. BLAC focuses on racial issues within architectural education and the architectural world, with a specific look at black people’s experiences within the profession. Within this group we will provide a range of educational tools and events such as book and film clubs to get a better understanding of architecture outside of the Western world. We are also interested in organising talks and podcasts to discuss issues that are prevalent in our current climate. Along with allies from other societies, we aim to produce termly zine for the entire school with hopes to display an end of year project at the degree show.

You can follow the collective on instagram using the link below.

Black Led Architecture Collective (BLAC)

LSA Climate Crisis

The Liverpool School of Architecture Climate Crisis Group is student-led and tackles environmental issues within the school and the wider university context. By doing so, we hope to encourage students and staff to be more environmentally conscious. Within the school, we aim to improve on issues such as the waste material created from model making, heating inefficiencies within the School of Architcture, and encouraging sustainable design in our studio work.

Alongside this, we will be arranging a series of guest lecturers that talk about environmentally responsible design in architecture. Additionally, we hope to create other events such as fundraisers, and summer design competitions.

Femin.AE (Women in Architecture)

Femin.AE is a student led collective within the university who are committed to educating and empowering students and staff alike. We aim to connect students across the school and provide a space for like-minded individuals to meet, learn and educate each other about fellow women in the profession.

Our collective goals include utilising social media platforms to showcase achievements of women within the profession across the world, promote the work of students within the school and set up a reading list of recommended and relevant texts. Through guest lectures and Q&A sessions we aim to learn about the experiences of women within the profession. Long term we hope this collection of information will be used to adapt and update the curriculum to be more diverse and inclusive.

Queer Students of Architecture (QSofA)

Queer Students of Architecture welcomes all who identify as part of LGBTQ+ or are allies of the community. We provide a safe space to facilitate the discussion of issues in relation to architecture from the perspective of people of queer, and queer questioning, identities. This space promotes and encourages a group that is otherwise under-represented in the school, the profession, and the architectural curriculum.

By bringing queer identities within architecture to the forefront at an educational level, we hope to normalise and reduce the stigma surrounding sexuality in the profession and provide peer to peer support for those who may be struggling. We have a range of activities planned and are always welcome to suggestions!

Current activities include:

  • A monthly zine formed from group member contributions that raises awareness and promotes the LGBTQ+ community,
  • Readings to prompt discussion amongst members,
  • Socials, currently online, but will move to in person when safe to do so.

Our success comes from our members and we are always excited to welcome more people into the group where we promise you will always have a voice and be heard.

If you are interested in joining an existing group, or establishing a new one, please contact Juliana Kei or

The School has a football team, Architecture FC, which you can find more information about here. If you are interested in establishing a sports-related group or Team, speak to us and we can promote your proposal to students across the School.