Design & Digital Cultures A man wearing virtual reality goggles holds an adhesive gun over a brick structure whist a robot arms holds a brick in place ready to be glued.

Design & Digital Cultures

Design & Digital Cultures is a new research and scholarship cluster that is grounded in architecture, visual arts and digital technology in the broadest sense.

Environment, Sustainability and Technology A building with a pitched roof and a bronze diamond block facade, a metal chimney behind the building.

Environment, Sustainability and Technology in Architecture (ESTA)

ESTA investigates low carbon architecture, the impact of climate change on building performance, digital design, innovative material technologies and the operational and embodied carbon of sustainable design.

Experimental Material Ecologies Thumbnails of experimental ceramics

Experimental Material Ecologies Research Group [EMERG]

Our goal is to explore the material ecologies associated with construction materials and to inform the development of sustainable solutions for the built environment.

Health Cluster A man wearing a virtual reality headset sitting in an anechoic chamber.

Health Cluster

The Health research cluster brings together researchers with shared interests in the complex and omnipresent associations between human health and the built environment.

Heritage Looking down a Victorian spiral staircase, pictures line the walls.

Heritage Cluster

The Heritage research and scholarship cluster undertakes research and impact work and leads a postgraduate taught programme in heritage management.

History of Architecture 1930's brick building with large concrete framed windows on the lower floor and smaller metal framed ones on the second. A Georgian building is visible to its right.

History of Architecture Research Cluster

The History of Architecture Research Cluster (HARC) pursues research on the past of the built environment, with the aim of understanding the present, and helping to shape a better future.

Housing A circular metal frame with panels showing different housing typologies.

Housing Cluster

The Housing Cluster leads a series of research and pedagogic programmes in urban housing, finding different forms in teaching, exhibits, publications and events.

Practice and Pedagogy Skyline of Birkenhead showing the tunnel ventilation shafts and town hall, text reading Birkenhead 2040 by students from the University of Liverpool.

Practice and Pedagogy

The Practice and Pedagogy cluster at LSA celebrates the diverse and rich pedagogic approaches, scholarship and practices the school delivers in its under – and post-graduate courses and public engagement activities in the city of Liverpool and beyond

Sustainable Cities Map of a coastal area showing the affect of climate change over time.

Sustainable Cities

This cluster brings together research in the humanities and social sciences with a focus on sustainability and climate change from the scale of buildings to cities.

Urban Form and Social Space Three people standing on a arge paved square. A young man rests on his skateboard, a woman pushes a wheelbarrow as a man carrying a brush and pan looks on. In the background is a modern high rise cityscape.

Urban Form and Social Space

The Urban Form and Social Space (UFSS) research group investigates the production and transformation of the built environment and is especially interested in the social and political dynamics of design and planning.

Women of the Welfare Landscape Black and white image of a vintage car and caravan. Photo credit, Museum of English Rural Life, University of Reading pulled over in a lay-by with trees behind. A woman stands by the door and a dog looks out from inside the caravan.

Women of the Welfare Landscape Project

‘Women of the Welfare Landscape’ is an Arts and Humanities Research Council supported research project that commemorates the network of women and their collaborators who have had a major impact on shaping the post-war designed landscapes of the British Welfare State.