Urban Form and Social Space Title

The Urban Form and Social Space (UFSS) research group investigates the production and transformation of the built environment. It is especially interested in the social and political dynamics of design and planning. The group’s expertise spans from urban morphology, spatial representation, urban regeneration, critical heritage, everyday urbanism, and transit-oriented urban developments. The group hosts several Postgraduate students undertaking research in these areas. The group actively engages in research-led teaching and their expertise are well embedded in both the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in the school.

UFSS members have carried out research in a wide range of contexts including China, the UK, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Malaysia, where they have established strong collaborations with local institutions and stakeholders. These different contexts provide rich urban phenomena and sources of data for the group to test key urban theories, explore design and planning interventions, as well as contribute to place-making and debates on social justice. The UFSS group utilises a variety of research methodologies, ranging from traditional qualitative and quantitative methods to the cutting edge digital tools and data sciences. Research outcomes have been widely published in books, international peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings and various media outlets.

The group’s research is impact-driving in nature. The members are active in public engagement, consultancy and in providing training for design and planning industrial groups and local authorities. We welcome collaborations with non-academic organisations, professionals, policy-makers and the public to generate positive impact in the society.

Watercolour illustration of an imagined city skyline with a jumbo jet, skyscrapers and a hot air ballon in the shape of a head. Under the title Building Children's world is an inverted illustration of an imagined industrial skyline with chimneys, smoke, pollution and military drone flying overhead.Book cover with title Chinas Railway Transformation, underneath is a collage of modern Chinese high speed trains.Series of magazine covers from the Professional Architecture JournalSmall Scale Public Transportable and Pre Fabricated BuildingsChinese Urban DesignAuthenticity and the production of space