Sustainable Environments Research Group (SERG)

Sustainable Environments Research Group (SERG)

The Sustainable Environments Research Group (SERG) investigates sustainable, low carbon built environments and the interactions between the performance of the built environment and the processes, complexities and uncertainties that can influence that performance, including the risks associated with adaptation and mitigation strategies for responding to future climates. The group includes, Dr Halim Boussabaine, Dr Daveed Chow, Dr Rosa Urbano Gutierrez, John Lewis, Professor Steve Sharples and a cohort of approximately 30 researchers/PhD/MSc students.

SERG’s work has received funding from EPSRC, national bodies and international and commercial organisations. The group’s projects are characterized by their wide range and interdisciplinarity – for example, recent projects have included analysing probabilistic weather data for future climates and impacts on sustainable design; life cycle costing risks and design risk and complexity; risk in PPP/PFI funded projects; retrofitting public buildings in China and sustainable architectural design through the exploration of emergent materials and technologies, particularly ceramics.

SERG acts as the main link between the School of Architecture and two major research centres within the University of Liverpool - The Stephenson Institute for Renewable Energy (SERI), which is a member of the European Platform of Universities Engaged in Energy Research, and The Liverpool Institute for Risk and Uncertainty (LIRU), which provides expertise, facilities and methodologies with which to quantify, mitigate and manage risk and uncertainty in many areas, such as climate change and the built environment. Collaboration between SERG and LIRU has led to joint PhD recruitment and supervision with Engineering at Liverpool. Members of SERG were part of the successful EPSRC bid to establish a Doctoral Training Centre on Risk at Liverpool.

For more information about research and consultancy opportunities in the Sustainable Environments Research Group please contact:

Professor Steve Sharples
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T: +44 (0)151 794 2607