Sustainable Environments Research Group (SERG)

Sustainable Environments Research Group (SERG)

The Sustainable Environments Research Group (SERG) investigates low carbon architecture, the impact of climate change on future building performance, the influence of urban design on microclimates, the effect of urban heat island on building energy consumption and the operational and embodied carbon of sustainable design. SERG includes Dr Daveed Chow, Dr Stephen Finnegan, Dr Rosa Urbano Gutiérrez, Dr Haniyeh Mohammadpourkarbasi and Professor Steve Sharples, together with a cohort of approximately 20 PhD and MSc students.

SERG’s work has received funding from EPSRC, the UK government, national bodies and international and commercial organisations. The group’s projects are characterized by their wide range and interdisciplinarity – for example, recent projects have included analysing the drivers of occupant window opening behaviour in Chinese office; sustainable energy technologies in buildings; the influence of urban rivers on microclimates; the whole life impact of a new Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) home; retrofitting public buildings in China; developing the world’s first Zero Carbon Safari Park and sustainable architectural design through the exploration of emergent materials and technologies, particularly ceramics.

Much of the research undertaken by SERG is international and examines sustainability and built environment issues in countries such as China, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Mexico, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.   The work undertaken by SERG is both analytical, using software such as DesignBuilder, ENVI_MET and Revit, and experimental, involving the measurement of environmental parameters in real buildings.  The outputs from SERG are widely published in leading research journals and presented at major international conferences.

The academic member of SERG are responsible for the teaching and research related to the one-year MSc programme Sustainable Environmental Design in Architecture (SEDA).

For more information about research and consultancy opportunities in the Sustainable Environments Research Group please contact:

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