Environment, Sustainability and Technology

Recently completed ESTA PhD projects

Dr Amer Habib Al-Sudani

PhD title: Analyzing the influence of urban morphology on thermal microclimate in a temperate maritime climate

Supervisors: Steve Sharples & Fei Chen

PhD awarded: October 2018

Dr Yahya Lavaf Pour

PhD Title: Self-shading façade geometry to control summer overheating in UK Passivhaus dwellings for current and future climate scenarios

Supervisors: Steve Sharples & Carl Hopkins

PhD awarded: August 2017

Dr Mai Khalfan

PhD Title: An assessment of the Passivhaus standard for a hot and arid climate: a case study in Qatar

Supervisors: Steve Sharples & Rosa Urbano Gutierrez

PhD awarded: June 2017

Dr Mahmoud Elkhatieb

PhD Title: Climatically adaptive building surfaces for optimised environmental performance

Supervisors: Steve Sharples & Daveed Chow

PhD awarded: May 2017

Dr Masoud Sajjadian

PhD Title: Future proofing UK sustainable homes under conditions of climatic uncertainty

Supervisors: Steve Sharples & John Lewis

PhD awarded: January 2016