Sustainable Environments Research Group (SERG)

Staff Members

Dr David Chow

Dr Daveed Chow

Daveed's main research interests are in the field of how energy consumption in different types of buildings will be affected by future climate change, as a result of excessive greenhouse gas emissions, as well as further urbanisation resulting in increasing urban heat island effects (particularly in rapidly developing economies such as China). I am also interested in how energy consumption in buildings can be minimised, by means of passive design strategies and improvements / incorporation of renewable technology systems.

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Dr Stephen Finnegan

‌Dr Stephen Finnegan

Stephen’s research investigates the whole life sustainability and financial aspects of sustainable design. He has more than 20 years of experience in sustainability in construction and operation, having previously worked for KPMG LLP, AEA Technology, Arup and the European Commission. Stephen has a number of academic publications relating to life cycle planning and operation and has presented his research work in the US, India and across Europe at various international conferences and events. Stephen has part supervised a number of PhD students, been involved in multi-million pound research projects and is currently actively involved in enterprise work across the UK. In addition he is an editorial board member for sustainability with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

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Dr. Rosa Urbano Gutiérrez

Dr Rosa Urbano Gutiérrez

Rosa is an architect interested in the creative use of materials and technologies to explore sustainability in architecture. Her recent research work has centered on glass and ceramic skins with integrated environmental systems. This work has taken two directions: documenting pioneering historic examples, and developing her own prototypes.

Professor Steve Sharples

Professor Steve Sharples

Steve's research investigates the environmental impact and performance of buildings in the context of climate change and low carbon, sustainable design. He has held over 20 EPSRC awards, including several major multidisciplinary research consortia. Steve has supervised over 30 PhD students and current/recent projects involve students from Bahrain, China, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Mexico and Thailand.