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Welcome to the School

"On behalf of the School of Law I am delighted to welcome you as a new student. You have elected to study one of the most interesting, relevant and challenging subjects offered at degree level and you will be supported throughout your studies by a community of scholars, with world-class teaching and in-depth subject specialism available to you.

Your Welcome Pack will help you in your first few days at the University. It contains important information about the schedule for Welcome Week, and also tells you how to contact the Student Support Centre if you have any questions. There is a lot of additional information below. Please do not worry if it seems a lot to take in. We will work hard during Welcome Week and in the first semester to make your transition to university life as smooth as possible.

I very much look forward to welcoming you to the school in person in September."


What to do next

Student Registration

You now need to register with the University.

  • First register for an MWS account, which will enable you to access your University email account. We will use only your University of Liverpool email account to communicate with you after Welcome Week.
  • Then log in to Liverpool Life (LL) with your student ID and PIN to complete the first element of Academic Registration (the checklist items, including uploading a photo for ID cards).
  • Finally ensure to confirm your engagement through the Confirmation of Engagement. This opens 10 days before the program start date for all students.

If you need to reset your PIN for LL, you can request this online and an email will be sent to your UoL email account, providing next steps.

You can find everything you need to know about the registration processes here: 

ID Cards

ID Cards will be posted out.

International Registration

All international registration will be online. BRP cards will be collected at the Post Office.

Register Online


3. Your Personalised Programme of Events during Welcome Week

There is a wide range of online activities scheduled for Welcome Week (Monday 20 September 2021 to Friday 24 September 2021). These events cover topics relating to your status as a student of the University of Liverpool as well as subject-specific topics relevant only to Law students including:

  • Welcome to the Liverpool Law School
  • Understanding your Law degree
  • Expectations at Law School
    • Your expectations of a Law Degree and your Law School
    • Our expectations of you
  • Workshop - Learning the Law
    • Primer to the English Legal System
    • Legal research
    • Note taking
    • Legal writing at University
    • Reflection and feedback
4. Your Programme Handbook

The Law School has developed an electronic handbook for undergraduate Law students. You can access your undergraduate handbook here as soon as you have successfully completed your registration and received your University username and password.

Taught postgraduate students can access the Postgraduate Student Intranet as soon as you have successfully completed your registration and received your University username and password.

You will learn what to expect on your programme in sessions run during Welcome week and the weeks following. Your handbook will provide you with a point of reference for those sessions.

5. Your academic timetable

Not to be confused with your Welcome Week timetable, you will be able to access your timetable of lectures, seminars and other events within Liverpool Life (this academic timetable will available closer to your start date).

Teaching Plans 21/22 (How you will be taught)


For semester one, your time spent on campus will include timetabled, in-person teaching sessions for interactive elements of your course such as seminars, tutorials, workshops, practical classes and lab-based activities. Wherever possible, you will be expected to attend your timetabled sessions on campus. You will also be expected to undertake independent study, outside of your timetable, and you will have access to our two libraries which will be fully open, with appropriate public health measures in place, to support you with this. 

While on campus you’ll be able to benefit from our many and varied student facilities, which we anticipate will all be open with appropriate public health measures in place. These include our sports and leisure facilities, on-campus catering, Guild of Students, Student Support Services and Careers Studio.

These in-person sessions will be, at least for the first semester, supplemented by online sessions. This is most likely to apply to large group sessions, which are best suited to a virtual experience, and form just one part of your programme delivery. 

Read more about the University’s teaching and student experience plans here.


For us in Law, we are planning to start the academic year with a mix of in-person and online teaching, with the expectation that all students will be in Liverpool and on campus from the start of term (unless notified directly otherwise).

Work is currently underway to fully understand room capacities ahead of issuing your academic timetables, however, in terms of teaching delivery, you should expect the following:

In-person teaching

Our in-person learning sessions will offer the valuable opportunity to regularly interact with other students and your tutors to discuss topics, engage in thoughtful debate, or ask for support. They will also provide full access to any specialist learning environments, including laboratories, studios and practical training rooms, that you need as part of your programme.

In Law you should expect to attend in-person teaching for seminars. There will be one two-hour seminar per module every fortnight.  Seminars are the engine room of your learning experience, and you will do reading using online learning and independent study time to prepare questions and/or factual problem-based scenarios to apply, discuss and critique legal rules and principles.  In response to student feedback on our seminars in 2020-21, the first seminar in each module should not require any preparation on your part and the final seminar should not introduce any new material, being instead focused upon assessment preparation.  Typically, this will account for the majority of face to face teaching hours per week.

Online learning

In-person teaching will be supported by online sessions. Many of our online activities will be in preparation for an on-campus face-to-face session where you can then engage and deepen your understanding through active learning activities.

In Law, material traditionally delivered via large lectures will instead be provided through asynchronous materials, which students can access via Canvas (our online learning platform).  These asynchronous recordings will not simply be replications of traditional lectures, but will break topics into smaller, digestible chunks on the basis of active learning principles.  Recordings will normally be no more than 30 minutes in duration (often shorter). You can expect up to two hours of asynchronous recordings per module per week and recordings will be supported by small quizzes, directed reading exercises or MCQs to test understanding.

Programme material changes

This new way of teaching also means that our ability to deliver some modules during 2021/22 and the ability to deliver some content or assessment types within a given module may be subject to change. The vast majority of changes are minimal, and we believe will not significantly affect your learning experience with us.

Information about your Academic Advisor

Shortly after you complete your registration process and confirm your attendance on campus you will be provided with an Academic Advisor (AA). Your AA is an academic member of staff who will oversee your progression throughout the year. You can ask your AA for references for jobs or work placements and they can also be contacted if you are struggling to find your way around, acclimatise to University life, or if you do not understand where to go for specific help on any other point.

Combined Degrees and Combined Honours

If you are studying more than one subject, don’t forget to check what’s happening in your other department. See the full list of department welcome pages.

If you are studying 50% or 25% Law and you want more information, please attend our specific workshop for Combined Degrees (Joints and Minors) - DATE TBC.

Direct Entry

There is a wide range of online activities scheduled for Welcome Week (Monday 20 September 2021 to Friday 24 September 2021). These events cover topics relating to your status as a student of the University of Liverpool as well as subject-specific topics relevant only to Law students.

Direct Entry Welcome Week Timetable 21-22

Liverpool Guild of Students Introduction

Liverpool Guild of Students (LGoS) is the Students' Union for the University of Liverpool. Apart from its work in supporting the general student cohort the Guild also oversees a large number of student societies. These cover a range of interests including sports societies, subject specific societies, and general interest. 

Open Languages

If you’re going to be studying a language as a minor alongside your degree with us, then there is a helpful video that can be found on YouTube to explain a little more about how that will work:


More information can be found here:  

Library Induction/Learning the Law

A key part of Learning the Law is accessing and retrieving information. Lisa Hawksworth will deliver sessions on Thursday 23rd September to introduce you to library resources and enable you to start developing your legal information skills. Here is some brief information which will answer some of the questions you may have about how the library works and the services and facilities available: Welcome to your Library