Supporting Charities in Challenging Times

A critical national and international public debate on what should constitute ‘charity’ (and whether it is still a useful construct at all) in the modern context. Far-reaching impact on law, on policy, and on public views of charity so as to shape the development of the law by using results to make realistic recommendations for future reform.

REF2021 submission

The Challenge

In their work with the Charity Law & Policy Unit (CLPU), Prof Warren Barr and Prof Debra Morris set about shaping law and shaping policy and practice in order to better support charities in times of austerity.

Research Action

Prof Debra Morris gave evidence to the Joint Committee on the Draft Protection of Charities Bill 25 (in November 2014).

CLPU research cluster members Dr James Organ and Dr Jennifer Sigafoos ran focus groups with staff and volunteers from local Citizens Advice Liverpool. The objective was to understand staff and volunteer perspectives on unmet need and service delivery design. Warren Barr and Debra Morris then presented a report on the findings to the merging charities and it was considered by the board of the new entity during the merger.


Outputs and outcomes

CLPU shaped the law to extend the ambit of Charitable Incorporated Organisations (Conversion) Regulations 2017 to all charities.


Debra Morris and Warren Barr Third Sector Report

Prof Warren Barr and Prof Debra Morris examine the viability of some recommendations made by the Lords Select Committee on Charities (13 April 2017). Read the report on the Third Sector website.

Prof Warren Barr on charity funding 

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Charity Law and Policy Unit, September 2017.

Debra Morris

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