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Cíara Rohan

Postgraduate Research Student & Graduate Teaching Assistant

Liverpool Law School 



Cíara is a current PhD student at Liverpool Law School, commencing her PhD research in October 2021. Prior to this, Cíara attained her LLB at Durham University in 2019 and completed her LLM at the University of Liverpool in 2020.


Cíara's research is centred on the current regulation of non-surgical cosmetic procedures, specifically botox and dermal filler, and its respective impact on the NHS. Her work concentrates on the NHS' remedial role in the treatment of clinical complications which arise from the delivery of these non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Following this, it considers the possibility of integrating the provision of non-surgical cosmetic procedures into the NHS, on a paid-for basis, and the viability of this regulatory transformation.

Research clusters

Working thesis title

'An exploration into the viability of integrating non-surgical cosmetic procedures into the National Health Service'.


Dr Sacha Waxman and Dr David Horton