Student Welfare

We want you to have a brilliant time while you are here studying with us, but we understand that sometimes difficulties can occur that can affect your studies. We recognise that there will be times when you will need some extra support from us to settle in to life in the UK. The Social and Welfare Team are here to help with any concerns or difficulties that you have while studying at the ELC.

There is lots to think about when starting a new course and spending time in another country. Our team can advise you about studying in the UK, including:

  • Police registration.
  • Accommodation.
  • How to get health care.

The University has drop-in sessions everyday where you can come without a booked appointment and ask for any help or information that you need. If you have a more serious or difficult question, you can book an appointment with our Social and Welfare Officer, who can offer a listening ear and, if necessary, guide you through the University processes and direct you to the correct services outside of the ELC.  These might include:

Our Social and Welfare Advice and Guidance Team can give you advice and support on non-academic issues including finance, disability, mental health and specialist support for international students.

The Counselling Service offer lots of self-help information and work with the library to run KnowHow workshops giving helpful information about mindfulness, positive anxiety and managing stress.