In-Sessional English

The English Language Centre provides an extensive, vibrant and innovative programme of English language and study skills support for all students -  both international and home - who are already studying at the University but who would like to improve their use of Academic English. 

Academic English is a skill like any other, rather than something that is innate. Whatever your language background, these skills can be improved with appropriate instruction and practice.

These extremely popular classes are:

  • free of charge and open to everyone
  • taught by highly-experienced, approachable tutors who are fully committed to helping you develop your language and study skills
  • provided throughout the academic year, giving you multiple opportunities to make significant ongoing improvements to how you study
  • designed to develop your Academic English skills generally and also, in many cases, to provide very specific support focusing on your own particular subject area 

Regular attendance can make a significant contribution to performance on your main study programme and help you achieve your full academic potential.

The following areas of provision are available.

Academic Language & Skills classes

Organised for groups of students on particular programmes or modules in response to requests by UoL Schools and Departments

Develop your English for Specific Academic Purposes, focusing on the language and skills needed to communicate effectively in a particular field of study

1:1 Academic Writing Consultations

Open to all students across the University

Submit a piece of writing and discuss how to improve its communicative impact with a language tutor

Know How Academic English Classes

Open to all students and staff across the university

Develop your English for general Academic Purposes, focusing on a range of different topics, e.g. Writing at University, Critical Thinking, Reading for your Assignments, etc.