1:1 Academic Writing Consultations

    What are the consultations for?

    Consultations will:

    • consider written work submitted as part of studies at the University of LiverpoolPlease note the restrictions below ('what the consultations are NOT for').
    • be based on a short extract of your work which must be submitted in advance of the session.  You can submit your work when you book or at a later date. Please note however that if you don't submit a sample of work, your appointment will be cancelled.  
    • focus on no more than 2 or 3 pages of your work. If you want the tutor to focus on a particular section/feature of your work, please highlight this in your text or add a note/comment at the start.
    • be open to individuals or small groups of classmates (up to 3) working on the same assignment. One piece of work should be submitted which may consist of 1 page of work from each student.
    What the consultations are NOT for?

    The consultation will not:

    • look at work not assessed as part of your course (e.g. an article for publication or preparation for an external exam such as IELTS)
    • comment on/correct content
    • provide a proof reading service
    • correct assignments in great detail
    • advise on writing Personal Statements*
    • help with writing CVs*

    * Personal Statements and CVs will be looked at if one of your modules requires this for an assessment.  In this case, please state both the module code and the programme at the top of the work. Otherwise, for help writing personal statements and CVs, please see www.liverpool.ac.uk/careers

    Online Appointments

    The English Language Centre now offers online appointments via Microsoft Teams. These will run during the Easter period (excluding bank holidays) and throughout the summer.

    Bookings can be made here.

    Once your appointment is confirmed, you will receive an email-invitation with instructions and a link to attend your meeting online.  To ensure that your online meeting runs smoothly, please read and follow the instructions carefully.  Please note the terms and conditions above.