Dates and Fees

You can find below the dates and fees for our 2021/22 Pre-Sessional English courses.

If you have any questions regarding the Pre-Sessional English courses, you are welcome to contact us.


    2021/22 Course Dates

    Course length

    Course datesFeeRecommended deadline for application

    40 weeks


    £16,070 incl. books and materials fee  23/08/21

    30 weeks


    £12,050 incl. books and materials fee  29/11/21

    20 weeks

    04/04/22 - 09/09/22

    £8,500 incl. books and materials fee  22/02/22

    12 weeks

    16/06/22 - 09/09/22

    £5,190 incl. books and materials fee  03/05/22

    10 weeks

    04/07/22 - 09/09/22 £4,390 incl. books and materials fee  24/05/22

    6 weeks

    01/08/22 - 09/09/22 £2,780 incl. books and materials fee  21/06/22

    There are three holiday periods during the year when no teaching takes place.  These are:

    If you are studying the 40-week course: Holiday period 1 11/12/21 – 09/01/22
    If you are studying the 40-week or 30-week course: Holiday period 2 19/03/22 – 03/04/22
    If you are studying the 40-week, 30-week or 20-week course: Holiday period 3 11/06/22 – 03/07/22

    Please note that in addition to the holiday weeks shown above, the following link will show you the upcoming UK Public Holidays.  No lessons will take place on these days and the English Language Centre will be closed.  There will also be one staff training day on Wednesday 26th January 2022, and no teaching will take place on this day.  Please be aware that normal weekly fees apply.

In order to allow time for your application to be processed, you should aim for your application to reach us on or before the "recommended application submission date".

Due to the time needed for our Admissions staff to process applications, and in accordance with the UK Visas and Immigration regulations, we cannot guarantee that if you submit an application after the recommended submission date that you will have sufficient time to apply for a visa and make the necessary arrangements to arrive at the University of Liverpool for the start of your course of study.

For more information regarding the visa application process please see the UK Visas and Immigration website.

We will continue to consider applications after the recommended application submission date.  However, if you are not able to start on the first day of the course, you should be aware of the following: 

  • The amount of study and work you are required to complete remains the same and all students are required to pass the course irrespective of the point at which they commence it. 
  • The course fee must be paid in full, regardless of length of attendance and circumstances for late arrival. 

For latest possible course start dates please contact our Admissions Team;