KnowHow Academic English Classes

These classes are part of the KnowHow programme of workshops designed to help you succeed in your studies. KnowHow Academic English classes are open to all students and staff, but students whose first language is not English may find them particularly useful. The classes aim to develop general academic language skills and can be used as a supplement to the ELC's discipline-specific Academic Language & Skills classes.

Our workshops run in blocks (usually 8 weeks in duration), but you will need to sign up for each session you want to attend.  Sessions are self-contained, but also build on previous content, so you can pick and choose which sessions you come to depending on what you most want to focus on.  You can see the detailed content of each session here.

  • Reading for Your Assignments: we focus on developing effective strategies for reading academic texts.
  • Advanced Grammar: here we examine how language is used in academic texts and give you practice in using appropriate structures.
  • Targeted Listening: we aim to develop your ability to comprehend authentic texts on a range of topics taken from radio or television programmes.
  • Critical Thinking: we focus on developing critical thinking skills and the language to express criticality in your writing.
  • Presenting effectively & Participating in Seminars: we focus on effective presentation skills as well as discussion and seminar skills.
  • Writing at University: we focus on written academic discourse and the stages involved in writing a critical essay.
  • Punctuation: we aim to raise your awareness of accurate punctuation and help you improve the readability and sophistication of your writing by developing your punctuation and proof-reading skills.

To find out more about and register for these classes, sign up here. You will need to search for the name of the workshop you wish to attend.

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