Pre-sessional English Courses

Our Pre-sessional English Courses are designed for international students who wish to enter an undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme at a British university, or who are holding an offer of study at the University of Liverpool and who need support in meeting the English language requirements.

Our Pre-sessional English Course has six entry stages; you can join us for a 40-week, 30-week, 20-week, 12-week, 10-week or 6-week course. In order to join the course, you must meet the minimum entry requirements for that stage. The length of the course you need to attend is determined by your current level of English and the entry requirements of your academic programme.

The 40-, 30- and 20-week courses take place at the Liverpool campus only, and our 12-, 10- and 6-week courses take place in Liverpool and London.

NB. The London Pre-sessional is only for students who have applied for an accounting or finance-related academic programme at our London campus. If you have an offer for London and need to study on a Pre-sessional Course for more than 12-weeks, you will do the first part of your Pre-sessional in Liverpool, and then transfer to London for the final 10 weeks. Please see the London Pre-sessional webpages for more information. All other London academic programmes follow the Pre-sessional English Course in Liverpool.

Successful completion of the course at the required level will allow you to progress to academic study at the University of Liverpool.