Before your test

Tips: do's and don’ts

The week before the test:

  • Check the start time and location of the test (emailed to you at least five working days before the test).
  • Check transport options and make note of any potential delays (plan your travel accordingly).
  • Read the IELTS terms and conditions.
  • Clear your diary for the day, ensuring you have no other commitments.

Practice and preparation:

It is advisable for all test takers, even native English speakers, to practice for the test.  Practice tests improve your skills and your awareness of the test format.

IELTS preparation materials:

IELTS on computer preparation materials

Further information and test tips are available on the British Council website.

What to bring to the test:

  • The original ID you applied with (copies are not acceptable), non-mechanical pencils (HB), eraser. You may also take a drink of water into the test rooms - in a clear bottle with the label removed.

We will provide:

  • Pencils, erasers, and pencil sharpeners.

Items not permitted in the test rooms:

  • Coats, jackets, bags, mobile phones, watches and electronic devices – these can be left in the cloakroom (locked during tests). Pens and pencil sharpeners are not permitted in the test rooms.

We advise that you do not bring valuable items with you – we do not accept responsibility for valuable items lost or stolen while on the premises.