Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Does the ELC have a diversity and equality of opportunity policy?


    Click‌ here to read our Departmental Diversity and Equality of Opportunity policy document.

  • Does the ELC have a health and safety policy?


    Click here to read our Departmental Health and Safety policy document.

  • Does the ELC have an abusive behaviour policy?


    Click ‌here to read our Departmental Abusive Behaviour policy document.

  • Does the English Language Centre have any materials to improve my English other than those I receive in class?


    Yes, the English Language Centre has a very dynamic Language Lounge with material to help you improve your English.  Click here to read more.

  • I am under 18 years old. Do any special conditions apply to me?

  • I am under 18 years old. How do I tell the ELC where I will be living while I am studying?


    If you are under 18 when you start your course at the English Language Centre you will need to arrange to live with a responsible adult.  This can be either in home stay accommodation with a British family, by applying through a British Council registered accommodation agency, or with a UK Guardian who must be a family member or family friend who is well-established in the UK.  The arrangements you have made will need to be approved by your parents and by the University.  Please tell us about the arrangements you have made by filling in this form and sending it with your application: Accommodation Declaration Form.

    If you would like to arrange homestay accommodation; Hosts International are registered with the British Council and provide homestay for under 18s.  Please contact them directly for further information and to make a booking.

  • I am under 18 years old. How do I tell the ELC who my guardian is?


    Click here for our Guardianship Declaration form.  Once you have completed the document please send it to us with your Application form. 

  • If I study on the Activate English course will I have to buy books or other classroom materials?


    You will need to buy your own files, paper and other stationery.  Textbooks and other material you will need to do your work will be added to your fee.  This is £50 for full time study (21 hours per week), £40 for morning only study (15 hours per week) and £30 for afternoon only study (6 hours per week).  You will be charged this fee once only for each new application to study at the ELC and it does not depend on the number of weeks you choose to study.  You will receive all the books and study material you need for classroom use.

  • If I study on the Pre-sessional English course will I have to buy books or other classroom materials?


    You will need to buy your own files, paper and other stationery, but most of the textbooks and other material you will need to do your work will be provided inclusive in your course fee.

    The English Language Centre does not sell books or materials for this course. If you want to buy these you can either order from an online retailer or buy from a bookshop such as Blackwell’s, the University bookshop.

  • Is the social programme included in my course?


    If you are studying on the following courses, you can join the social programme free of charge:

    • Activate English
    • Management Studies Pre-sessional Pathway
    • EAP Pre-sessional Pathway

    We encourage you join as many social events as possible as this will help you improve your spoken English.

  • Is there a minimum enrolment age?


    We do not consider our courses appropriate for people under 16 years of age and in view of the adult academic nature of the courses we provide we consider an ideal enrolment age to be 18 years or above.  We are prepared to consider exceptions on a case by case basis.

  • Once I have entered the Pre-sessional English course, will I have to take IELTS before I can progress to my Academic studies?


    If you enter the Pre-sessional course (EAP or Management Studies Pathways) from October 2014 you will not have to take IELTS after you enter the course.  You will be assessed throughout your studies on the course, using English Language Centre assessments to ensure you are making sufficient progress to move from one stage to another.

    All students who entered the Pre-sessional course in October 2013 and January and April 2014 will have to take an IELTS test at the end of stage 3.  They must achieve their departmental entry requirements for stage 4 of the Pre-sessional course in order to progress.

  • What do I do if I want to make a complaint?


    C‌lick‌ here to read our ‌Suggestions, Compliments and Complaints policy document.

  • Where can I find Frequently Asked Questions about In-sessional English Support?


    Click here to see our In-sessional English Support FAQs.