English Language Support for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

The English Language Centre offers free language support to refugees and asylum seekers who have a connection with the University. Classes are currently full- please continue to check this page as we will announce any spaces here.

A connection with the University can take many forms, including but not restricted to, having a family, social or professional connection with a staff member, being hosted by a staff member or being a relatives or friend of a student. 

Classes are currently full, but you are welcome to make enquiries about the waiting list using the details below.

Who are the classes for? 

The classes are for refugees and asylum seekers who have a pre-intermediate level of English. In other words, they must know some English words and grammar, but may have forgotten a lot of the English they have previously learned.

Applicants will be invited to take a short language level test to ensure that their level of English Language proficiency means that they will get maximum benefit from the classes. This is the only entry criteria.

What are the aims of the classes? 

The aim of the class is to improve confidence in the ability to communicate in English, including learning more vocabulary and grammar, as well as practising the four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.  

We aim to help participants to become more independent through the use of English. 

Where and when are the classes held? 

There are two 90 minute classes each week and all classes take place on campus.

To find out more or to request a language level test, please contact us by phone on 0151 794 2722 (42722 internal) or email elc@liverpool.ac.uk.

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