Frequently Asked Questions

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    Is attendance of In-sessional English courses compulsory?

    The classes are not compulsory, though it is strongly recommended that international students who do not have a very high level of English do attend. Regular attendance through the academic year is also recommended if you wish to improve your English significantly. Language learning takes time and patience. In other words, be realistic and don’t expect miracles after one or two classes!

    (Please note that if you were ‘Required’ at the end of the summer pre-sessional course or if you are an ENGL108 Erasmus exchange student, you must attend all relevant classes.  Additionally, some programmes may monitor attendance at English classes.  Your tutor will explain what attendance is expected at the beginning of the semester.)

    Will I have to take English tests if I attend classes?

    In-sessional English classes do not involve any assessments. They are solely intended to support you throughout your main study programme by helping you to improve all aspects of your English language. 

    When do the classes take place?

    Classes are available throughout the academic year at a range of times during the week. In the case of discipline-specific classes, times are agreed with your department so that you will be free to attend and they will not interfere with your main programme of study. 

    Do I need to register?

    There is no need to register for our In-sessional English classes. If you wish to attend a class you simply go to the appropriate room at the time indicated on the timetable. 

    How can I find further information?

    Information on classes can be found in a variety of ways. Details are available at and, in addition, all international students are also automatically enrolled for the English Language Support module on VITAL (, the University’s online learning platform.

    Additional material is available via the English Language Centre's Language Lounge.

    Alternatively, you are very welcome to visit the English Language Centre in person to speak to a member of staff.

    Can I comment on or complain about my ISE classes?

    We are happy to hear your views on the English support classes, whether positive or negative.  The normal way to make comments is by completing the online student evaluation survey.  You will receive information about this by email at the end of each semester.

    If, however, you wish to make a comment or complaint at any other time, please communicate this either to your course tutor or to the Interim ELC Director, Michelle Dwyer, either in person or by email (  We assure you that any comments or complaints will be treated seriously and be dealt with fairly and promptly.