Advanced Materials, innovative materials, high value applications

Advanced materials

With our expertise in materials chemistry and computer-aided materials design we are pioneering the discovery of advanced materials.

Using techniques underpinned by computer simulations and robotics, our work has applications in clean energy, sustainable living, manufacturing, healthcare, and consumer products.

Supported by our dynamic Materials Innovation Factory, we are actively looking for new materials that can have large-scale applications in industrial manufacturing, healthcare and consumer products.

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Advanced materials research activities

Row of terraced houses

Saving thermal energy with a coat of paint

Developing solutions to help save thermal energy and reduce CO2 emissions in domestic settings.

Flow chemistry

Flow chemistry

We are utilising new platforms to manufacture materials and scale them up for use in industry.

Transforming sulfur into an alternative to plastics

Transforming sulfur

Our chemists are looking into whether a super material to help the world overcome its reliance on plastics has been hiding in plain sight.

Advanced materials capabilities and facilities

Materials Innovation Factory

Materials Innovation Factory

Our Materials Innovation Factory  is a unique facility that will be at the forefront of revolutionary materials research.

Surface Science Research Centre

Surface Science Research

The Surface Science Research Centre conducts research across the disciplines of Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Materials Science.

Leverhulme Research Centre

Leverhulme Research Centre

The Centre aims to develop young researchers by offering PhD opportunities and external fellowships in the field of functional materials design.

Meet some of our leading academics in advanced materials research:

Professor Andy Cooper

Professor Andy Cooper

Professor of Chemistry, Director of the Materials Innovation Factory

Professor Matthew Rosseinsky

Professor Matthew Rosseinsky

Professor of Chemistry

Rasmita Raval

Professor Rasmita Raval

Professor of Chemistry, Director of Open Innovation Hub for Antimicrobial Surfaces

Professor Steve Rannard

Professor Steve Rannard

Professor of Chemistry

Professor Lopez-Sanchez

Professor Jose Lopez-Sanchez

Professor of Chemistry, Director of MicroBioRefinery

Helen Aspinall

Professor Helen Aspinall

Professor of Chemistry

Laurence Hardwick

Professor Laurence Hardwick

Professor of Electrochemistry

Mathias Brust

Professor Mathias Brust

Professor of Chemistry

Paul Chalker

Professor Paul Chalker

Professor of Materials Science

Yuyuan Zhao

Professor Yuyuan Zhao

Professor of Materials Science

Chris Sutcliffe

Professor Chris Sutcliffe

Professor of Additive Manufacturing

Karl Whittle

Professor Karl Whittle

Professor of Nuclear Engineering

Alessandro Troisi

Professor Alessandro Troisi

Professor of Chemistry

Mother walking carrying baby

HIV transmission

The DolPHIN2 study is aiming to reduce the rate of mother to child transmission of HIV through research into a new drug.