University of Liverpool research themes

Our interdisciplinary research, and cutting edge facilities enable our research community to create global solutions aiming to improve health, create wealth and ensure social justice.

Advanced materials Robotic arm in Materials Innovation Factory

Advanced materials

Our leading research delivers advanced materials design, influencing developments in fields such as industrial manufacturing and healthcare.

Infectious diseases Vet checking health of pigs in a farm

Infectious diseases

Our extensive expertise and pioneering track record in infectious diseases research puts us at the forefront of tackling global health problems.

Personalised health Doctor using iPad and interactive whiteboard

Personalised health

Our world leading personalised health research paves the way for the unique treatment of individuals based on their genetics and other health data.

Heritage woman looking at ceramic display in art gallery


Our unique cross-fertilisation of research from both the humanities and sciences means we can use the lessons from history to solve the problems of today.

Digital Digital research


From transforming medical surgery with virtual reality to managing population change with big data, digital now spans the breadth of our research influence.

Starting well, living well, ageing well Family enjoying the outdoors

Starting well, living well, ageing well

Our three world-class Faculties have joined the forces of over 150 research staff to improve the health and wellbeing of babies and children, and the adults they will become.

Climate futures

We are harnessing our high quality research expertise to address the global impacts of climate change and environmental degradation.

boy choosing food in a supermarket

Children's food choices

New forms of marketing are having a major impact on children's choices of what they eat, how much and when.