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Starting well, living well, ageing well

Building the foundation to a healthy, happy and productive life.

There is widespread agreement that  structure outcomes in later life. Improving child health and development is central to addressing entrenched inequalities in adult health, to reducing the increasing burden of adult chronic disease and ensure .

Using everything from next-generation genetic sequencing to powerful clinical diagnostics and treatments, Liverpool’s research transforms millions of lives on a local, national and global scale.

The University of Liverpool’s three world-class Faculties have joined the forces of over 150 research staff under a common goal: to improve the health and wellbeing of babies and children, and the adults they will become.

Health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.

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Research activities

Tackling the silent “killer” in the kitchen Cooking outside on a wood fire

Household air pollution

Building on 15 years of research to tackle household air pollution which impacts on three billion people who rely on solid fuels.

Unlocking the mystery of fibromyalgia Woman sitting with her head in her hands, in pain

Fibromyalgia treatment

Understanding the biological basis for fibromyalgia could help transform treatment options for patients.

Pancreatic cancer testing patient having pinprick blood test

Pancreatic cancer testing

Identifying patients who have developed type 3C diabetes as early as possible is vital to improving pancreatic cancer survival rates.

MicroAge experiment

Watch European Space Agency astronaut Matthias Maurer unpacking and installing the MicroAge experiment, which was launched to the ISS on 21 December.

Credit: European Space Agency

Meet some of our leading academics in this research area:

Professor Michael Beresford

Professor Michael Beresford

Brough Chair, Professor of Child Health

View staff profile for Professor Michael Beresford
Professor Anne Mccardle

Professor Anne Mcardle

Musculoskeletal Biology

View staff profile for Professor Anne Mcardle
Professor Malcolm Jackson

Professor Malcolm Jackson

Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research and Impact, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

View staff profile for Professor Malcolm Jackson
Sara Cohen

Professor Sara Cohen

James and Constance Alsop Chair in Music

View staff profile for Professor Sara Cohen
Mandy Peffers

Professor Mandy Peffers

Wellcome Trust Clinical Intermediate Fellow

View staff profile for Professor Mandy Peffers
Professor Rhiannon Corcoran

Professor Rhiannon Corcoran

Professor of Psychology and Public Mental Health

View staff profile for Professor Rhiannon Corcoran
Daniel Pope

Professor Daniel Pope

Professor of Global Public Health

View staff profile for Professor Daniel Pope
Professor Simon Capewell

Professor Simon Capewell

Public Health and Policy

View staff profile for Professor Simon Capewell
Professor Helen Stalford

Professor Helen Stalford

Professor of Law

View staff profile for Professor Helen Stalford
Professor Benjamin Barr

Professor Benjamin Barr

Professor in Applied Public Health Research

View staff profile for Professor Benjamin Barr
Dr Emma Boyland

Dr Emma Boyland

Senior Lecturer, Psychological Sciences

View staff profile for Dr Emma Boyland
Professor David Taylor-Robinson

Professor David Taylor-Robinson

Professor of Public Health and Policy, Honorary Consultant in Child Public Health

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Professor Dame Margaret Whitehead

Professor Dame Margaret Whitehead

WH Duncan Professor of Public Health

View staff profile for Professor Dame Margaret Whitehead