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Our research in Digital is enabling the transformation of society and industry through the generation, communication and processing of data.

We are tackling some of the world’s greatest challenges and helping to deliver better health, social justice and industrial competitiveness.

Our digital expertise underpins discovery and applications across the sciences and humanities at the University, by improving research and analysis techniques and broadening research and innovation possibilities.

Research activities

Devising a minimum digital living standard Father and daughter looking at tablet together

Acceptable digital living standard

We are leading new research into our digital lives through devising a minimum acceptable digital living standard (MDLS) for households with children across the UK.

The Civic Data Cooperative

The Civic Data Cooperative

Helping local communities and researchers access data to solve challenges.

A mobile robot chemist

Our scientists have developed a fully autonomous mobile robot to assist them in their research. Watch the video below to discover more and see the robot at work.

Credit: Nature video

Facilities and partnerships

Digital CDTs digital innovators

Developing digital experts

The University is currently running or a partner in five separate Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs) designed to develop the next generation of researchers in digital topics.

Digital innovation with the University of Liverpool New digital innovation offer

Digital innovation offer

Benefit from our ground-breaking research, world class facilities and expertise.

Meet some of our leading academics in digital research:

Professor Katie Atkinson

Professor Katie Atkinson

Chair and Dean of the School of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science

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Professor Alex Singleton

Professor Alex Singleton

Professor of Geographic Information Science

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Professor Simon Maskell

Professor Simon Maskell

Professor of Autonomous Systems

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Dr Zoe Alker

Dr Zoe Alker

Lecturer, Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology

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Prof Simeon Yates

Professor Simeon Yates

Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research Environment and Postgraduate Research

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Professor Eann Patterson

Professor Eann Patterson

AA Griffith Chair of Structural Materials & Mechanics

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Professor Ke Chen

Professor Ke Chen

Professor of Mathematical Sciences

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Professor Claire Taylor

Professor Claire Taylor

Gilmour Chair of Spanish and Professor in Hispanic Studies

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Barry Godfrey

Professor Barry Godfrey

Professor of Social Justice

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Professor Andy Jones

Professor Andy Jones

Professor of Bioinformatics

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Alan Marshall

Professor Alan Marshall

Chair in Communications Networks

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