University of Liverpool Doctoral Network in Technologies for Healthy Ageing

In an era when people are living longer, but not necessarily healthier lives, the great challenges facing modern healthcare require large-scale solutions.

The University of Liverpool Doctoral Network in Technologies for Healthy Ageing is training the next generation of physical scientists and engineers to develop novel technologies and devices to address the challenges faced by older people and our clinical colleagues who work with them.

It is structured around three healthy ageing challenges:

  • Prolonging independence
  • Maintaining wellness
  • Accelerating recovery.  

Your training

All students will undertake a specific training programme in conjunction with their research project. A range of training modules have been designed to provide the student cohort with the high levels of scientific knowledge and engineering expertise needed for research and development of devices and technologies appropriate for the Healthy Ageing agenda. Through this approach our students will learn skills that will provide them with a unique advantage to develop technologies appropriate for this community and significantly enhance their employability in this emerging field.

Current Oppportunities (Deadline 7th April 2021)

Remote Gait Evaluation for People with Parkinson’s Disease

Design and development of novel load-bearing metamaterial structures/mechanisms for knee protection


Developing Pre-Clinical Models to Optimise Nanoparticle Based Drug Delivery for the Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy

Learning Enabled Human Activity Recognition and Tracking for Home and Social Care


The Machine and the Brain: Early Prediction of Dementia using Retinal Biomarkers by Artificial Intelligence

Imaging of corneal nerve using AI-enabled optical coherence tomography

Modelling subretinal injections to improve delivery of treatment for age-related eye diseases

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