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Cossan training course

Simulation Methods for Uncertainty Quantification and Reliability Analysis

2nd October 2018

Institut für Risiko und Zuverlässigkeit, 

(Institute for Risk and Reliability), Leibniz Universität Hannover

You will learn the main techniques available for dealing with Risk and Uncertainty and how to use High Performance Computing to speed up the analysis.


Annual Showcase Conference

26th September 2018

Institute for Risk and Uncertainty

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Emergency situation


State-of-the-art simulation software and facilities for uncertainty and risk quantification.

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MSc in Risk and Uncertainty

The Institute for Risk and Uncertainty offers a multidisciplinary MSC in Risk and Uncertainty. The MSc aims to provide you with the theoretical and practical tools, along with professional and research skills, necessary to understand, model and tackle the major problems that arise from the complexity of systems which demand decision-making under Risk and Uncertainty.  Find out more

Students in the MSc video

Centre for Doctoral Training

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Spring School

21st - 24th March 2018 

Institute of Risk and Uncertainty

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