Prof Chris Sutcliffe MEng PhD AMIMechE

Professor Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Personal Statement

Dr Chris Sutcliffe, is an international leader in the field of additive manufacturing (AM, sometimes called 3D Printing) working on the development of production processes for the manufacture of implantable osseointegrating bio-structures in conjunction with the international leaders in implant manufacturing and global metrology companies. Dr Sutcliffe has been active in manufacturing research since 1997 and has been a key player in 18 EPSRC, 10 TSB/DTi and 6 EU funded manufacturing research projects; he is a leader in both an academic and industrial sense. He is the current Director of the Manufacturing Science and Engineering Research Centre based at the University of Liverpool and was previously the Research and Development Director at MTT Technologies Group. His current research portfolio focuses on three interlinked areas, those of additive, micro and clinical manufacturing. Throughout these areas the research theme of the manufacture of smart devices utilising flexible re-configurable manufacturing techniques is maintained. He is the Liverpool lead on the EPSRC Center for Laser Based Production Processes and the EPSRC CDT in Additive Manufacturing

Dr Sutcliffe is dedicated to the development of new manufacturing technologies by UK companies using the results of his research. He believes strongly that it is essential that manufacturing researchers not only to develop novel and world leading techniques but to also apply them to the point of product sale - he believes that only when the full development of an idea is realised that tangible benefits to the UK economy and to the academic community can be obtained. This approach has led to the development of the only UK-manufactured range of additive manufactrung machines, a paradigm shift in orthopaedic implant manufacturing and the creation of the spin out company Fusion Implants,

He has been involved with many industrially based design and development projects in areas as diverse as the development of orthopaedic and dental implants, sensor fabrication, micro machining, fire extinguisher design, wet weather spray suppression, architecture and electronics.

Dr Sutcliffe currently works at the university 1 day per week his time remainder of his time is spent as Research Director at Renishaw and as founder and director of Fusion implants.

Prizes or Honours

  • Outstanding Reviewer Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2008 (Journal of Rapid Prototyping, 2008)

Other Personal Distinctions

  • EPSRC College Member (EPSRC, 2002)