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Professor Matthew Rosseinsky FRS

Professor Chemistry


Personal Statement

Prof. Rosseinsky studied Chemistry at the University of Oxford, receiving a BA in 1987 and a D. Phil in 1990. He moved to A.T.&T. Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill, New Jersey where he was a Postdoctoral Member of Technical Staff. In 1992, he returned to Oxford as a Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry and Student (Fellow) of Christ Church. In 1999, he moved to the University of Liverpool as Professor of Inorganic Chemistry.

Prof. Rosseinsky have been awarded the Harrison Memorial Prize (1991), Corday-Morgan Medal and Prize (2000) and Tilden Lectureship (2006) of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). In 2009, he received the inaugural De Gennes Prize from the RSC — a lifetime achievement award in materials chemistry that is open internationally and is one of the RSC’s three premier awards.

He was Distinguished Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry, Northwestern University (2006), Zernike Lecturer, Rijksuniversitat Groningen (2009) and won the C.N.R. Rao Award of the Chemical Research Society of India in 2010. In 2017, I was Muetterties Lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley and the Lee Memorial Lecturer at the University of Chicago.

Prof. Rosseinsky was elected to the Royal Society in 2008 and was awarded the Hughes Medal of the Royal Society in 2011 "for his influential discoveries in the synthetic chemistry of solid state electronic materials and novel microporous structures." In 2013, he became a Royal Society Research Professor. In 2017, he was awarded the Davy Medal of the Royal Society “for his advances in the design and discovery of functional materials, integrating the development of new experimental and computational techniques.”

He was a member of the Science Minister’s Advanced Materials Leadership Council from 2014-2016, and of the governing Council of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council from 2015-2019.

In 2019, he gave the Flack Memorial Lectures of the Swiss Crystallographic Society and was awarded the Frankland Lectureship by Imperial College London. In 2020, he was made an Honorary Fellow of the Chemical Research Society of India. In 2022, he gave the Davison Lectures at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and received the Basolo Award of the Chicago Section of the American Chemical Society.

In 2023, Prof. Rosseinsky received the Eni Energy Frontiers Award for the digital design and discovery of next-generation energy materials from the President of Italy.

Prof. Rosseinsky leads a research group in the design, discovery, synthesis, and characterisation of solid state materials. They work to both enhance the fundamental knowledge of physical and chemical properties of new materials, and to improve the performance of materials for applications including energy storage and generation, communications, and catalysis.

Prizes or Honours

  • Eni Energy Frontiers Award (Eni, 2023)
  • Basolo Medal (American Chemical Society, 2022)
  • Davy Medal (Royal Society, 2017)
  • Hughes Medal (Royal Society, 2011)
  • C.N.R. Rao Award, Chemical Research Society of India (Chemical Research Society of India, 2010)
  • De Gennes Prize (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2009)
  • RSC Tilden lectureship (RSC, 2005)

Funded Fellowships

  • Royal Society Research Professor (Royal Society, 2013)
  • Royal Society Wolfson Merit Award (Royal Society, 2002)

Other Personal Distinctions

  • Fellow of the Royal Society (Royal Society of London, 2008)